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Hit by the corona virus the company employs four thousand people and has like many airlines suspended flights as a result of the crisis seventy one degrees at o'hare I engage one on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN don't miss out on the best deal in town your Loudon county public library card is here for you whenever and wherever you need it visit the library online to sign up for a temporary card and gain free access to all of the libraries digital resources for six months once you have your temporary card number you'll be able to download E. books and magazines take online classes from Lynda dot com stream music and movies and much more shop now or go to library dot Loudon dot gov to get started get ready for warmer weather at Macy's Memorial Day sale and get an extra twenty percent off with your promo code coupon or Macy's card that's on top of already great savings like twenty five to fifty percent off warm weather essentials for the whole family from sandals to shorts tops and more and twenty five to fifty percent off kids and baby styles to and buy one bra get the second half off plus star rewards members can earn rewards even faster now during star money bonus days savings on sale and clearance prices exclusions apply all right good morning it's a player in for Bob to ride on this Memorial Day Monday here on seven twenty WGN so this is as close we're gonna get to kicking off the summer and the beginning of the summer grilling season to provide some helpful grilling tips some tasty recipes for this Memorial Day and throughout the seasons Weber grills master chef Kevin Coleman good morning Kevin Dave thanks for having us it is a tradition we've done it for years which I love I have to tell you we always kind of kick off.

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