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Hashtag an podcast chances are Helen won't see them over the next couple of weeks. Right. We're also Facebook as empire magazine Facebook us one and no one ever since questions Facebook check, the I mean, they might be check. And you can Email us as I do check that every single day podcast at empire, online dot C O M rice, we get some movie news. Yes, lens lovely lovely moving. News. Can we talk about the grease thing? Greece is apparently getting a prequel cold summer loving, or at least John August, the screenwriters working on the script. Yes film. Which would explain the first connection between Danny and sandy on their summer holidays. Tell me more. Good. Why do we say for that? Oh, sorry. There was nothing. I could do. I that's all there is really I'll be honest and tell me more. What the hell's who long? I mean, that's not really the question that spring to mind. My question will simpler, my question is why. My question is what does this really give us that we need in the world? And I think it's genuinely worth asking because Greece worked right because. Okay. It's catchy songs and stuff. But it was made in the seventies. And it was set in the fifties on had that stole GIC cake for people who vaguely remembered that time, and then also had it was a little bit boundary. Pushing compared to how the fifties where you know, in terms of talking about condoms and talking about, you know, teen pregnancy and things like that which people might know had teen movies twenty years before. So it kind of offered something as well. As just the catchy songs. I'm not clear on water offers us now because I feel it today's teenagers are so divorced from the teenagers of the nineteen fifty. They're so much cooler, and so much more interesting and so much less high-powered by these very very strict generals at the pink ladies in the t birds have the I don't see whether is for any young person to connect to that film. So it feels me like they're making this film for people. Our eighteen older quo possibly I don't see high isn't creepy in that case that we're watching these two teenagers mess about in a beach. An also goes way more than I know I can help thinking high Badin idea is and the thing is well, the whole song is a kind of he said, she said telltale, but the the tale. They're telling the joke of the whole sowing the point of the entire thing is that Danny is making shit up and sandy is telling the sad but boring truth, right? So if you mess without in any way, it doesn't work at all. And I just don't see wh- there is there to work with maybe we'll find them. Maybe John August who is a screenwriting guru. Yeah. I love big fish big fish as well. Just so he'd love huge chips big fish massive peas. Oh, you mean the movie? Yes, I buy affection for as well. But yeah, he he knows what he's doing. And he he clearly has an idea. For this. I mentioned they didn't just go to him. Maybe he pitched this who knows. But what I'm saying is I'm surprised that this take them so long because Greece is wildly popular and Greece to less. So. Is not. There's some senators and some Senate don'ts when you when it comes to making terrible nineteen eighties music..

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