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Standpoint helping to run camp create schedules to make sure all of our coaches with their awesome content in there awesome ideas have venues and times to work with the players and appropriate groups and then the second thing from a game management standpoint it's can you bridge the gap between the massive amounts of information we have available for the players into digestible bite size pieces that don't interfere with their natural ability and so from a conventional bench coach setting standpoint do I have the traditional criteria now not by any means but when you take the job down to its nuts and bolts is can you communicate are you organized can you translate data into something simple for the players I think that's where my background comes in an alliance with responsibilities well let's go to your background a little bit you plated Puget Sound you coach there you're very famous there probably have a statue there that we haven't seen yet but that takes us back through your baseball history because he prepared how all the about thirty one all right good morning to you thirty one your bench coach in the big leagues and let's go back to your baseball history a little bit because everything in baseball bills from something and you've built something that brought you to the major leagues let's hear what it is yeah well first off about the statue that's not a thing there's no statue I don't think they build statues for two eighty six division three hitters but maybe one day maybe a little guy her bus in terms of history I grew up in Hilo Hawaii the grandson and son of high school coaches and so my grandfather was a high school coach from pre statehood right so from post World War two all the way till his passing two thousand sixteen so really fortunate to have him as my primary month mentor and then my father was a high school coach from ninety one to two.

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