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To submit your question for the chief love officer now Ceelo Clo- is time he calls you this one is firmly she's an online listener Lee says, I'm in my mid twenties and this question is to the men basically I've said standards for what I wanted man but my last boyfriend left me because he had standards to and I did not measure up. He was serious about me cooking for him weekly or having food at my house when he visited I don't Cook or have a desire to. I. Told Him that he's not entitled to Cook Meal, for me because he's not my husband he said I should at least try to act like I am wife material and Cook we disagreed and broke up how important is cooking to a man in a relationship. Well I mean. You have every right young lady to have you'll. Scandals. And you got him. But this young man has every right to have his standards. And if he wants a woman who can cook and you can't cook, then you ain't it what was, what's what's what's The matter with dad? If around. Yeah. Don't worry man that can drive and drives A. Car and and he don't have a car yet you. You'll not see him. If he were her husband she would could. Cook form because he's not my husband. Because, he got to know what he getting into hello. Hello. I don't think she should. If she you okay. Hold on hold up. So you. Dayton and you tell me your car broke down and I won't help you get the coffee. You Ain't my wife. I, know mechanic. Well. I'm just saying I don't think drop your own damn transmission. For sure. This. Man at all hell new chilly chill don't toe. named. Shirley. No tell me I would. All right. This is repaired in Philly CEELO. Terence's I'm forty eight years old and I'm married to a jealous hearted crazy woman that likes to hit me. She gets mad about the few times cheated years ago, and then she starts throwing stuff at me or she'll punch me when I least expected I don't think of it as abuse because it's my fault. But I'm sick of for hauling up punching me whenever she has a flashback she claims she has forgiven me but I can't tell we've been together for seventeen years and I haven't cheated in the past eight years will she ever get over this rally nuts? They got. That's dog that's not cool at all. You know even though he did say he cheetahs several times. But he's been good for the past eight years they've been married for made him. Nine but here's the deal though. If you are going to stay. Married. I wouldn't stay in relationships. Right. So, every time you think about it, you hit demand. Okay. He did what he did. He ask forgiveness he straightened up now. Have you WANNA keep punishing fort. I'm not going to sit there and let you keep punishing me for the same crime. Absolutely you came back. You guys have got to move on from this. Because I'M NOT GONNA stand here and you you just hit no me whenever you want to I'm I'm GonNa tell you right now we get a divorce. What's the point hit? We not go into counseling. My one right. This ain't, counseling. I don't need that kind of help I need help finding me another place. I don't need a council I need a real estate. The, the abuse physical abuse is not good I. Don't think women should hit men and definitely men shouldn't hit women. Their physical might their strength you know? This is wrong. All the way around right FRANKEN AUGUSTA CEELO says Steve I need your help brother. I met a beautiful sisters six months ago and we spent time together during the quarantine. I'm really feeling her and the sex is great. My only problem is how looks around the house? She has her natural hair and it's beautiful but she wears super long eyelashes and a ton of makeup withdrawn on eyebrows and eye shadow for days. I've never seen her in her natural state. I'm afraid to ask her if this is how new age dating is I'm fifty one and I wanna see the real thing. Sure you WANNA sell your show. You, you was afraid of something. I'm afraid to ask her of this is how new age dating is he might be afraid to show you. Now. With that BSA, at Bro. Why don't you just sit down and go baby look I think you beautiful the way you off. You don't have to do all this for me. You know you can say that but. When he met her, she had on makeup and lashes in. A yeah. I know Bro Preliminary some. Don't push this. You. Don't opd Miss Canada want you might not be able to. If she went in net doing cove it manfully you've know. When he said harsh, she had on makeup. I go have a problem with this man won't see her and I don't WanNa I. Don't have a problem with hope when makeup. You got a problem with a makeup brush. You'll like we're minute wear makeup. Then you start see somebody else right now he wants her she take it off though you might be able to see somebody else. Anyway. You don't see somebody somebody else under the. Same person she just visit here somebody else under when he met her she wore makeup and that was fine. Yes he's never seen without. I would just live with that doll. You know what is the big take women like to get up and make them Some women like that. Yeah, definitely not. You don't. Money and put some. Refresh. Cycle. We hadn't something coast. Or just waiting here. got. To Go CEELO, before we've not off, you won't be set my iphone for you. Coming up next and Tommy run that brings back right after this. You're listening to. Morning. Show..

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