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Sharon middlemen on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. Yesterday. We were talking on the show a lot MAC, and I also talked to Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone for his monthly exclusive interview about the death of the Phoenix police officer, Paul Rutherford. And this is a guy who never wanted to be a sergeant or detective always wanted to be a street cop. And when we had sheriff Penzone in one of the questions that we asked him was what's a great day. Look like in the you know at work for a police officer. We wanted to play you a piece of that. But also Penzone put it in such amazing terms of what this man who gave his life to protect the public was really all about take a listen when you see officers, and they really are unique also Rutherford the want to stay in the community were they know everybody, and they know that the the pulse, they know the energy no the issues because they realize that connection. Will help them serve in his father even talked about. Listen, you know, this is a guy that when he arrested somebody he hoped that moment changed that person's life the one who was arrested for the better in some way that he wanted to see a positive outcome for everyone. He interacted with while holding people accountable we've had two officers now who were doing their job. But this was a random act of a person hitting in striking and killing him. I don't think any charges were filed against the person in the vehicle. Does it affect the PD does affect the law enforcement community a little differently because it's just so random circumstances. Like, these now, you know in the last one distracted driver, we know the Salt River police officer was killed. There was distracted driver in this case officer Rutherford was on a call involving a traffic incident. But then on foot was responding to assist on a more violent call that was in progress. And then he was struck by a vehicle that had nothing to do with crime. Correct. Right. So in that situation, if it does not remind you of a why you should have gratitude and appreciation for those who are public servants, then you'd better check your own pulse. Because the majority of men and women are exceptional people who really are kind giving people that put their lives on the line this way. And then we hear the negative bad stories and always distracts us. But we are speaking to MAC yet in this situation. It doesn't necessarily change the alertness, and when we see one of our own taken in some way were targeted or it's in a shootout or something of that nature. It heightens the intensity because we recognize again the threat we face by violent dangerous evil people circumstances like these are very unique. So the pain you feel the environment the dynamic remains the same. But maybe the return to service and the heightened awareness is probably maybe a little bit different just because the dynamic, especially if the shooter that takes off an officer has not yet been apprehended. Maricopa county. Sheriff Paul Penzone is joining us for his monthly exclusive interview, Paul Rutherford was laid to rest something that you know. I also learned by going to the funeral today. You know, a guy who learns magic tricks to distract scare kids. I mean, he really cares about people when he would come home from work. His wife would say how was your day? Apparently, Paul Rutherford would say the word crappy. It shows you how much somebody wants to save people to help people because when you go home and you're exhausted from the job of being a police officer that is so difficult. You are coming into contact with people who are maybe having the worst day of their life. Maybe someone was killed. Maybe someone was injured. Maybe someone broke into your house. But he would always go home and answer that question my day was crappy. But he's still always wanted to go back the very next day. And do the best job that he could talk about how he would define a fair. But he didn't bring it home with him to his family. He would. And if they're. Right. Yeah. That it was quality time from then on. But I challenge anybody I challenge. Anybody listening to challenges you guys, tell me how you think a great day would look in the eyes of anybody in law enforcement. Like, what is the if that is a great day? That's the best day possible. What is it? Nothing. Happy the rescue somebody. I guess you took a vacation day. You went to the movies or something. Let's be honest. We see good people on a bad day. We see bad people in there every day, and we see people who have been victimized in that is our day. Okay. Even as the sheriff, I go when I told you before I got a call employees who have been injured in a line of duty. I look at circumstances where maybe we have to be more thorough investigations, but someone's been victimized and I'm not even the first line the first line. That's what they see, you know, every day or detention officers jails, what do you see you see people coming mental illness drug addiction, violent people fights in the jail. So I'm not saying that as if we should be martyrs. I just wanna put in perspective. You expect law enforcement to be perfect, and we're human. We're not perfect you expect law enforcement to not be impacted by their surroundings or circumstances. Yes. We're trained to rise above and to deal with it. But at the end of the day, what is our best. They look like it's not that great. But we do it. Because we want to be the ones who are difference makers were willing to say, you know, what your life your safety your needs are more important than our own. Therefore, we're going to put the uniform every day and go to work and get it done. You know, why because somebody has to and if not us then who all right? That's a piece of yesterday's interview with Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone who joined us for his monthly exclusive interview. It's too bad that it takes the death of a cop to find out about that cop and about how awesome that cop was Paul Rutherford was a great police officer, great human being human being and made the valley a much safer place. And it was a very sad day to see. Very sad day last week when he was was killed on the job. All right coming up next. We'll get detour Dan in here. We'll get some traffic going. And when we come back prom- puzzles, MAC great. They're out of control. Oh, I bet. A teen went so far as to recruit boys to men come on. Was it the end of the road for this relationship? That's that's all I see what you did there. Okay. Did he get down on bended knee? Yeah. If she says, no, it'll be so hard to say goodbye. Wow. Next. Drive home, informed and.

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