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The framing device so the brakes the fourth wall and it does it behind north wall blatantly also because young in the entry segments that is one thing but there are times when margo roby will look directly at the camera during a scene and says something yeah those were dover interesting choices but it's still kind of made this a little has these two here yeah the some of some of the flourishes 'cause this is of it we we talk about when you and ian dinsmore we're talking memory billboards and it was referenced as a dark comedy yeah yeah that you know that movie i might personally think it's a little more of a drama than a comedy but there's communique elements to him um this i think better dare i say better fits the definition of a dark comedy because there's not a lot of happiness gone on in this movie and there's an out of sunshine but there are comedic beats throughout this whole thing um that just sort of keep it vibrant and alive in a way that's almost counterintuitive to what the the movies even discussing and showing us for firm and it's an interesting eh i appreciate it for that i appreciate that it it recognizes that although there were real stakes in real people involved in this stuff this is a goofy nutty story and we should just kind of embrace that and just see where it goes and roll with it yeah let let in hateley on that journey because hoof it is it is something else.

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