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R. fifteen rifles taken from a police car a quick thinking security guard grabs one rifle and removes the magazine in Chicago more car set on fire police raising the bridges clashes breaking out there and one group of people seen on camera beating three officers before other protesters put themselves in harm's way to stop the violence ABC's Matt Gutman police shot tear gas into protesters in a second night of unrest in Detroit in New York thousands of demonstrators block traffic set fires and threw things at police the presence of national guardsmen though being credited with reduced damage in Minneapolis I'm Dave Packer ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK a video circulating on social media appears to show the driver of the jeep hitting protesters in northern California yesterday afternoon protesters were gathered in the Sally Ann area of Caldwell Avenue and Mooney Boulevard when the driver of a blue jeep with American and trump flags drove into people on the road motorists who apparently disagrees with the bakers feel demonstrators protesting the Minnesota death of George Floyd is in jail after allegedly running over a woman in the crowd cell phone video shows an SUV driving through protestors in the street in downtown Bakersfield then turning around and making another pass stories continue to investigate a series of poisonings that target homeless people in Huntington beach the Orange County district attorney's office says food laced with a substance twice as strong as pepper sprays give into transients the CDA adds the reactions to poison food were later filled I'm reliable the tenth every ten minutes mornings and afternoons news ninety three point one KFBK eastbound eighty at Howell of vehicle went off the roadway into the ditch C. H. B. is rushing to the scene southbound five eight garden highway some Caltrans work the right lane and shoulder of the off ramp are closed for construction and cellphone five that can sum this river Boulevard on ramp closed due to construction work but should reopen tomorrow morning at five AM for more information on the sack I. five HOV project visit fix sack five dot com for details.

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