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Two days hello pate now shifting our attention to the other the other yes the insurer of World War two the Pacific and do the two incidents that eventually resulted in the surrender of the Japanese the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki and you make a good point and there's a a classical Ponti column which I got to pour over earlier tonight about how Nagasaki really was not a an instrumental kind of city in Japan to be bombing if you were going to use one of your two atomic bombs correct I would think so and by the way it was only added to the target list almost at the last minute there may be more significant target was crossed out in August sake was written in by hand this by the way is not addressed particularly by Chris Wallace of fox news in his new book count down nineteen forty five hundred and sixteen days of true when making his decision not affect Marcus sake had almost no military significance war it had tremendous historic significance of the west because in the years we have the sentries the Japan was close to most of the western world they did leave one port open and that was the port of Nagasaki in the far far south of Japan and that was a beautiful port to leave open it is the setting for example for Puccini's Madame butterfly American naval officer has a love affair with the Japanese girl in all of this and it was reasonable because that support the Merica naval officer would have been allowed to land in a few cities in Japan the Christianity Christianity and in spite of the persecution through centuries previous had flourished there and there was a large Christian population at the time in in naga ever every Christian who could in Japan fled to Nagasaki because they believed surely the United States would not bomb and destroy the only Christian city in Japan and yet oddly not only did we do so the atomic bomb was dropped less than a quarter mile from the phones only Christian cathedral Roman Catholic cathedral in Nagasaki you don't think that was deliberately to destroy Christianity in Japan as the war ended by the ACS Roosevelt Truman administration do you it's an interesting point I've got let's administration's it's an interesting point that I'd never have thought of because I like a lot of people do not know the history of Nagasaki in Christianity at which you outlined and we don't have time to go through the whole history of Christianity in Nagasaki but it was a famous movie called Hiroshima mon amour French movie yeah my column is titled Nagasaki Mona more and you can just inquire after it on the web by the way if you want to do learn more about Winston Churchill's Balkan campaign instead of overlord of the the other attacks on Germany you can find that issued by the U. S. Army War College study done by Colonel John P. Lawton in nineteen eighty six all Churchill soft underbelly approach under the European continent a missed opportunity for those who are aficionados of such things I happen to be yes but yes the idea here was they were destroying the only Christian city in Japan and they knew that and I knew that absolutely they also knew it had no military significance there was a Mitsubishi plant farther down the coast I mean five to ten miles they will ship building plant but the atomic bomb did no damage to the boat to be facility affected continued operation until unabated in the wake of the atomic bomb I don't know this is an attempt to kill Christians it's very hard to argue any other way wow in our American government a so called Christian nation was or at least the the powers that be the insidious powers that be a quote unquote powers that be were intent on killing Japanese Christians with the second well what about that is an inference that I am willing to pay and look at it of course understand that whenever you deal with the left they have people who do nothing but sophistry nothing but making up excuses nothing but covering reality with a lot of wording and so they of course uses they say Roosevelt knew nothing about becoming an attack of by the Japanese something pearl harbor what is obviously did we were reading the Japanese naval code at the time I mean I could go into a long explanation of why the Japanese were put into Manson R. and so on but it was basically because we did not want to let the Japanese know that we were reading their code we knew who their spies were on the west coast but the only way we could avoid disclosing that we were reading their code with by taking all the Japanese on the west coast of locking them up without any lengthy explanation Lole was this this is a yes or no question I don't know if you can do this or not and if you can't just say I can't answer yes or no was this truly the beginning of the military industrial complex so cold in the United States or to begin already gone already Sam very well low party is always wonderful to talk to you W. M..

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