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The president is stepping down i'm brian kelly camelot's news time eleven oh three your forecast at eleven o five president randy done is stepping down effective july thirtieth the board of trustees expected to meet monday to finalize the separation agreement it includes a six month two hundred fifty thousand dollars severance guns then expected to be hired as a visiting professor at the edwardsville campus starting january first that'll pay him one hundred thousand dollars a year don's been criticized over his handling of the proposal to shift more than five million dollars in state funding from the school's carbondale campus to edwardsville missouri governor mike parson has signed a bill that makes it that raises the marriage age and missouri from fifteen to sixteen the measure requires sixteen and seventeen year olds received parental permission to be married it also bars someone twenty one our older from marrying anyone seventeen or younger the state board elections as confident the state named in yesterday's indictment from special counsel robert muller is illinois the indictment says officers from a russian federation intelligence agency hacked a state election boards database install names addresses phone numbers birthdates and a last four digits of social security numbers from five hundred thousand voters saint louis man is the second person in just over a week to drown at the offsets quarry near frederick town the highway patrol says twenty one year old saffy and livingston began struggling in the water around four yesterday afternoon he went under on the fourth coal duffle of chesterfield drown in the offsets after jumping into the water from an embankment the collinsville couple accused in last month's death with their two week old baby out of jail now brandon fisk and katie seib or released on bond yesterday after they were charged with endangering the life or health of the child jack fisk police say they were drunk and that led to the circumstances that caused jack staff in sports the cardinals host the reds again this afternoon after losing to nine to one last night our coverage begins with the total access pregame show a to fifteen first pitches at three ten there is a heat advisory in effect until eight o'clock this evening heading for a high of ninety six with humidity it's going to feel like one oh five or so thunderstorm possible later on in the day then tonight a shower heavy storm possible partly cloudy otherwise and down to seventy seven and then tomorrow clouds son humidity a shower or storm again and a high of ninety one we're at eighty five and olivetti already ninety in high ridge and sunny and ninety downtown at the gateway arts we'll call it mostly sunny downtown at the gateway arch i'm brian kelly and kmox news time eleven oh six now kingdom awarerx answer service welcome to the helix foundation repair home improvement show now here's your host scott moesby on komo axe.

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