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Take it said that when you think of, in Mexico is doing more for the United States as of now than congress said than the specifically the Democrats have to get direct together. They have to work and get something done. But the president, went on to suggest he could still impose tariffs on Mexico at the flow of illegal immigrants is not stopped. A new report says, there are more than fifty eight hundred unaccompanied immigrant kids and shelters around Texas. The Texas Tribune sites federal data released this week that shows as of the end of may the state's thirty five licensed shelters are at ninety percent capacity with five thousand eight hundred and nineteen unaccompanied immigrant children. Well, the house is expected to vote this week on a democratic resolution to empower the judiciary committee to go to court to enforce a Pena's. The Trump administration has rejected meantime, the judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler announced the Justice department has agreed to hand over key documents. On obstruction of Justice from special counsel, Robert Mueller's final report. A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy is in critical condition after being shot in the head last night. It happened at a jacket a box in L Hambro. Authorities say the suspect approached the off duty deputy who is waiting at the counter and opened fire. Then fled the scene, the sugar is still on the loose. The shooting was apparently captured on surveillance video so far, no word on a possible motive survivors group is calling for the resignation of cardinal Daniel DiNardo the archbishop of Galveston, Houston survivors network of those of us by priests held up protests in a press conference yesterday outside the coca fedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Houston. Demonstrators demanded that DeNardo stepped down from his position after what they call his mishandling of clergy child sex abuse top executives at some of America's leading companies say the new restrictive abortion laws enacted by a number of state legislatures are bad for business. More than one hundred eighty CEO's of written open letter urging lawmakers to step. Back from laws passed recently in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio the business leaders argue the laws hinder people's health and dependence an ability to fully succeed in the workplace. The letter ran as a full page ad in Monday's New York Times, four time India, champion Tony Parker is retiring from the NBA. He made the announcement yesterday, the former first point guard came to his decision in March thing, if he can't play for a championship he doesn't want to play basketball anymore that Thirty-seven-year-old spent seventeen seasons with San Antonio winning NBA finals MVP in two thousand seven and he played this past season with Charlotte. Parker says he feels physically good enough to play two more seasons. But in his mind he believes it is time to walk away w away. I news time six thirty seven traffic and weather together in a minute. But first check of your money in the world of business, et.

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