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Okay K Dick has some good feedback. Today he's very excited about sharing. What have you got dick? I've got a voicemail and some emails. How about that sounds good so so the voice mail is from Orissa and she has some beer recommendations for us so I I knew you always wanted to have new recommendations? I usually for cases but for beer. Okay a Dickin- Gel this is Marissa from Illinois. I just wanted to call and say thank you for the great podcasts. I'm new to the PODCAST game. I recently started home brewing and I was trying to find a good podcast about beer and some build upon yours And I love listening. Thank you guys so thank you so much for the great content. I do have some Beer recommendations for deck if you guys ever have a case either Illinois or Wisconsin I have two boys for you. The first one is a Wisconsin. Brewery is called glamorous. And you can't really go wrong at all. I'm with any of their beer. There's really good. I live pretty close to the border and See and I've taken a few trips. Destroy go get some of their beer. The other one is in Illinois Company is called revolution an awesome My boyfriend really likes anti hero. Which is an EPA and a really big fan of their holiday ale called fitness F.? I. S. T. M. A.. Asked ask both are really really good delicious beers. So if you ever have a case Out here I hope you will consider trying them but thank you so much for an awesome. podcast it's great listening. Thank you Marisa. Those are two good brewery soon. I was checking. I didn't think it had any beers from either one and I haven't US Oh definitely next. Illinois case or Wisconsin case will hook up with those breweries. One of the brewers and drink a good beer from all right sounds good okay now. We got some emails. This is for you Joe. This is from a lady in Benita which you might recognize right so this was an email we got from Benita Alexander in. She was the fiance of the doctor. Who made the faulty not tricks that were killing people and also had a whole other family while he was engaged to her Palo Makia Riney? So Benita wrote I stumbled across just your podcast about the downfall of Palo tonight as I was searching for something else generally. I don't torture myself by listening to people who offer their armchair analysis of my story and Palo's outrageous lies but I have to say you too impressed me. You not only done your homework thoroughly. You raise all the questions that need to be asked. You also amused me. Gills Blunt hilarious comments such as uncommon. Fucker had me chuckling out loud I appreciate Gills Gentle Defensive Mea moments when Dick was skeptically questioning. Why in the hell? I didn't hear alarm bell screaming much sooner than I did. Love unfortunately can indeed make us very blind anyway. I thought you might find this article interesting if you haven't seen it already. And she sent us a link to an article she wrote. It isn't really as dramatic because it sounds as he won't actually have to serve any time behind bars. This is Italy after all where he is deeply connected so it amounts to more of a stern warning or are a probation however you want to characterize it it's another blemish on his once seemingly impeccable resume but it still doesn't amount to much of a punishment punishment for his medical and scientific crimes. I'll be tuning in again. Great Show so thank you Benita. Thank you very much now. I know you clicked on the Lincoln. Read the the articles. So what can you tell us about it. Well as she said it sounds worse than it actually was. The article is from MED. Scape which is just a Doctor type of thing or they published different articles and has talked about him being sentenced to sixteen months in prison for illegally. Perform a procedure seizure. Not not his Faulty Trachea but he did a procedure and then he falsified the records or disposed to the records or something to escape Detection so it sounds like he's gone in prison for sixteen months but as Miss Alexander stated he didn't have to Surrey won't actually have to serve any jail realtime right that's just one more black mark against oc democracy me. Well you know. In my opinion once doctor does something shady shady like that that puts a person's life endanger even. Kill someone. They should be a doctor anymore. I mean fewer. US doctor he would have his license stripped ripped so the laws in Italy different. That's what it is his connected as she said Yeah. I just don't think that anyone should be able to operate on a person if they're not one hundred percent trustworthy. We're talking about people's lives here. We are the other interesting thing Ari talked about. How the Karolinska Orlinsky institute kind conveniently ignored the sirens? That regarding off about Dr Macarena. Because they wanted the prestige associated did with him. It was a fascinating story. Really just a Spinney to said love is blind. I guess love in the case of the Carolin institute was equally blind and yeah because didn't she speak to some doctors who said that he was basically murdering people were absolutely horrific. Okay so next. We have the question about a case from Allison Allison says I'm a relatively new listener. But it only took me a couple of episodes to decide to join team tigr ever. I've been listening being in the car while doing housework. And when I get into bed at night. Despite the sometimes grisly subject matter I find your voices extremely relaxing. I came across awesome perplexing case with a bizarre medical twists that I thought would be interesting to dissect pun intended probably in Philadelphia. Nineteen Sixty Four thirty-three-year-old three-year-old Kelvin. Jones was driving around with his girlfriend. twenty-three-year-old Sarah Tober when the two got into an argument and he proceeded to beat her with a rubber for host. He drove around for hours with her unconscious body until he realized that she had died and then he went to a police station to turn himself self in for murder. However when the medical examiner performed the autopsy he concluded that she would have died of a rare blood disease by the morning regardless of the beating she had sickle cell? Anemia and the autopsy report attributed her death to natural causes. Ultimately Jones was only charged with assault and battery and did plead guilty to those charges. I would love to hear Dixie medical opinion on this case. Is it possible for the Ma to know for sure that Saratoga would have died in near hours. Anyway are there medical advancements that would more accurately determine that today over or fifty years later. I love your podcast and I'll definitely keep sending my money each month for the disturbing material the clever married Banter and Dick's peer reviews news. made the poor's with you all right. Thanks Allyson groner house and I like that one. Yeah so that is fascinating though. What do you think well? You can't make that statement. I wouldn't think so either. That's what I thought. So that's the short answer sickle cell. Anemia is Disorder where a single amino acid is switched in the chain for hemoglobin producing sickle cell disease. Or if is only one of them sickle cell trait and what that means is it. Under certain conditions you can have a episodes of thrombosis or cladding in the blood vessel. So you can have these sickle cell crises that can lead to death not in that time period. Will you can be hospitalized in. There are some things they can can dude at least temporarily save you right. Oh sure yeah so. I don't see how he could say that. So yes you can find out or determine that she did. It has sickle cell anemia. But there's absolutely no way for him to say with any degree of certainty that she would have died within a short time from natural causes. Well this might be a stupid question. But I'm going to ask it anyway. If the beating was making her have internal bleeding could that put her into a sickle cell crisis. Well well there's lots of things because crisis infection stress and so on so sure may be the the trauma from the beating provoked the sickle cell crisis. That's what I'm thinking but even then I mean that's kind of posing affect well exactly I mean just because I don't know I'm trying to think of another example of such a thing where someone would be murdered. And maybe they wouldn't have died if they didn't have a certain condition. It doesn't mean it's not murder you're right makes sense. Yeah Yeah but I guess the answer Allison Question of no. There wasn't any way that he could give this diagnosis pseudo. She would have been dead very quickly. So let's research that then and see how he got away with that 'cause that's fascinating to me. We're got away with it because the EMI said we'll how the emmy got away with it I mean why would an emmy say that and who would say okay and agree with that real. Heard suppose it was because maybe Sixty years ago or whatever fifty. Some years ago there wasn't as much known about sickle cell disease. That's something else in herself. Did bring up and you get an thirty like this medical examiner says. Oh yeah she. She did have these injuries but she would have died anyway with her because of her sickle cell disease. He's right earn. People will sign off on it when I guess part of that to me would also be the extent of the beating. Was it a beating. That could have been deadly so so there's a lot I'd like to look in to with that one year. That's a great one. Thanks Alison interesting case. Hey we have one more youtube comment that you can read. This is from Ma'am to nine and the youtube comment from the episode called four little witnesses which involve the murder of Sheila relish. Yes Sheila was a mother of was quadruplets or grouplets. Okay we'll four yet quadruplets right and the little babies were with her when she was murdered right and it was a murder carried out by someone her ex husband had hired right all right. So ma'am twenty nine row. So she he says I humbly disagree in this case using a belt is not abuse. The busybody neighbor did not do the right thing. The daughter was a spoiled Brat. Who didn't like being told old? No okay so if I remember correctly this was a young teen or tween daughter who was acting out. Sheila had remarried and she ran to her neighbor because her mom had hit her with a belt to discipline her and the neighbor win ahead and and called the father so the father found out where they lived. The EX husband the murderer. She's the one that got them found out where they were. The neighbor neighbor did so. I don't think the neighbor should have done that so I do think using about his abuse and I do agree though that the neighbor did the wrong thing hanging telling the ex husband Alan blackthorn a true psychotic where the family was living. I mean she didn't know the situation she didn't know who this guy was but that she did know that they were living in hiding away from him and it was none of her business. So from what I remember of the case Alan Blackthorn. The EX husband spoke to this neighbor burn kind of charmed her and she gave him information he shouldn't have had and then Sheila ended up getting murdered. Not that long after route so oh I think if the neighbor was really concerned about abuse she should have simply called the police spoken to the mother. But you don't just tell some man on the phone that you don't I don't know anything about what's going on and where he can come get his daughter that he doesn't have custody of. That's my opinion. Yes and I'll just go back to the sense in this case using a belt is not abuse it most certainly is abuse it s and and if you come into my office and tell me that you had to punish your daughter by whipping her with a belt. I'm calling child protective services. So there's no place for corporal punishment of children even if they're Bradey twelve year olds or whatever they know. I mean I almost sympathized with Sheila in this case at least the way that the story was written out to me is that the daughter was a hell Ian. But you're right. It doesn't isn't justify using a belt nowhere justifies it. Now you're right so we'll leave it at that so we disagree about that. But thank you very much for your comment. So that's sit for feedback now. If you have comments suggestions or questions you can send us an email to true crime brewery at Tigr Dot Com Bourbon. Better leave us.

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