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And they don't even really know what they are. And it just again, it's all this misguided energy towards the NRA specifically van or were Bolsheviks something else would whereas in its place version of just push back for thirty seconds as some of us to cover congress. It struck me that the NRA's power was within the ability of the Republican primary season to influence greatly. Who would be selected or who who who could get sort of early funding not necessarily from our a coffers. But from a network of organizations like minded, folks, you're saying that basically it was never the case. No, I again, it's not that. I think that the NRA lacks any all influence. It's I think like the specific organization, it's not that. It's this money hub. That's extremely powerful. It's that I think that Republicans have a number of litmus tests that you know, you must pass in order to get through primary seasons. You know abortion is one of them gun rights is another one. And again, I'm just it's more just about the for all the Maria. Boutin madness. You know, her relationship with the NRA? I don't think it's the agency itself that's deeply nefarious or as powerful as a liberal sort of like hypothesize, I want to turn to briefly aknowledge another wrinkle in the house of representatives declined to seat Mark Harris who had been the seemingly victorious Republican candidate in North Carolina congressional race. He seemed to win by one hundred five votes after an examination of that. There was a question of. Electoral fraud. And he he's withdrawn from what will be a rematch this week, a former consultant to him in the twenty eighteen primary faced criminal charges from his activities stemming from two thousand sixteen in from the twenty eighteen primary now to turn one last story this hour, political news and history made in Chicago after an enormous fourteen person mayoral election, Chicago to African American women came out on top for run off. They are Lori Lightfoot and Toni preckwinkle they're going to compete a runoff election on April second Lightfoot is the first openly gay woman to run for mayor in Chicago. Former federal prosecutor was the head of Chicago's police board preckwinkle is the president of the Cook County board of commissioners either way, either Victor Chicago will soon have its first black female mayor. Here's preckwinkle acknowledging that factor supporters on Tuesday night after the election. We may not yet be at the finish line. But we should acknowledge that history. Is being made. And now you can hear the voice of her rival Lori Lightfoot speeding supporters after she made the run off from that pool of fourteen candidates. And it's true that not every day that a little black girl come in a low income family from a segregated steel tone makes the run on to be the next mayor of the third largest city. Come on. Now, Kim back ins, it's a quite a moment from Rahm Emmanuel to this. What does it mean for Chicago? What does it mean for politics? I mean, I think you're seeing on the local level the same thing we've been seeing nationally which is people making a different decision about who represents them what it means. And and really moving against the establishment. I mean, it seems incomprehensible just a few years ago that someone named Bill Daley would not be a elected mayor would come in third. And so I think you're seeing that really a change in a city like Chicago, which has had a lot of issues with its police department, and and other matters. I think you're seeing the electorate be responsive to that. And a look for new a new direction in their leadership. You think about Ron manual leaving hard-driving guy, President Obama once joked about manual, his former chief of staff that he thought that manual be speechless. Given that. A young man he had sliced off much of his middle finger folks you've been hearing the wisdom of Kimberly Atkins, senior Washington correspondent for WB. You're thanks Kim for joining us into metre having me to you on a low commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Thanks for taking the time with us today. And thank you for having me. And of course, on points on New Zealand's, Jack Beatty have a great weekend. Jack. Thank you, Dave. You can continue the conversation. Get the on point podcast or website on point radio dot org. And you can follow us on Twitter..

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