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Mixon Bangles leading the Jaguars. 24 13 is mixing scored his second of the day Seahawks in front of a dolphin 17 to 9. Ravens. 28 Washington 10 Vikings in front of the Texas 17 16 in Minnesota, threatening to extend that lead The Saints have scored. 35 unanswered Leave Alliance 34 35 point team. Chargers 20 for Bugs 14, and it's the Panthers all over the Cardinals. 28 7 back to Kevin Ray, and anyone will tune in to watch all the excitement of the NFL on Fox. Check your local listings for games of times in your area. Catch the NFL on Fox. Cowboys defense, forcing their first three and outs ofthe day short punt return of 26 yards and Dallas Offensively has good field position. Quick slant route. Prescott to Amaury Cooper, running left the right catching at the 40 little starting, Stop. It Takes it out of the 44 47 yard. Pick up Cowboys. Had a lot of work to do. Trailing 38 to 14 shotgun Snap L title Prescott, pressure off the back side steps up throws. And as a result of that pressure That one sales incomplete, so sets up third and three. It's kind of gotten to the point where it's not. It's not a once four game, it's not putting together one, Dr You got to get some sort of a rhythm going so play caller Kellen Moore for the Cowboys these to give Getsem quick completions. Quick, Easy throws. Kind of almost like you're starting the game all over again. And as we said coming in, they've completely eliminated. Russian attack is a result of trailing by two scores or more quick out tomorrow. Cooper running left to right right to the yard marker makes the catch. In point throw. 1st and 10.

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