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I'd tore mat like yeah like you telling me you telling me gift let's be real let's women period we when you when you when you meet somebody like what do you do a hitomi got to be a brother with no jobs who selfish and you buy the show up on a black woman nick what's the you know the you'd think about did you know a black woman in your life that is going to let a do who just eight bofors worth shit just into the house and just be like yeah i got you know why because are better than that like you not tell me this woman doesn't deserve more in the thing is if she decides like oh you know are willing to fix you brother tell me washing does it just give me two if hurry breadwinners it would've it would have made sense if in the movie leading up to it we saw him actually care about both of them so that there was actual love in the beat the either of the other i it's more than i like delibrate i i think i give her critical flaws give for two more layers of raps in and show me wa she cannot sokaiya i think it is plausible and and an inconceivable that a woman in her position still would lie take him in but i ask i know why i love that flat is yatom hollywood real quick okay google at the end it thought i look at that but we've been doing this park as a more more we duties movies would a blackley sometimes written a direct about black man unlike bread we not taken care of these black woman and he's mother fucking movies in a thing is issue started pissed me off because after watching black panther aca see a movie i would prefer to legacy movie will you have like minutes equal is still have the black may be the lead and have his own story and we.

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