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From Michigan, radio and NPR looks at how a team of women put. One of the worst serial sexual abusers behind bars. Joining us from NPR in New York is Anthony Scaramucci. His new book is called Trump the blue collar president. Anthony, welcome to one a. thanks so much for having. Let's start with that title Trump the blue collar president. I think it might be an odd image to call him blue-collar considering everything in his house is gilded, but I don't think that's quite what you mean by that. Yeah. Well, listen, I mean, I tried to pick a controversial title. I knew that the the, the people on the left side of the political ledger would be upset with that title because Mr. Trump has a gilded toilet and the apartment looks like Louie, the fourteenth smoke crystal meth and then decorated the apartment. So I knew that would upset them by putting gently, yes, yeah, but I but I but I titled it that way because I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood. I have blue collar parents that never went to college. And my dad had an hourly workers job when he got started in his career and and the people that I grew up with really like him and they. Support him even to this day. And so I think there's a message in the book as to why they do that and and listen, you know why? I tried to open my mind up to everybody's thought and everybody's ideas. I'm not closed minded. I understand the president has many flaws, and I understand the people on the side of the album that don't like him. I understand why, but I think the book has an important voice because the people on the other side of the the don't like him. I was suggest that they read the book so that they could get some sense for why he's at forty, seven percent and climbing and why he's tightened up a what could have been a Blue Wave. He's tightened up that race in made it closer and why he's getting countless thousands of people to show up at his rallies. I think it's important for people to understand it. Well, I, I will say I have to agree with it just hopefully they can understand it well, and I think I understand where you're where you're coming from with that point. It kind of it makes me think about. I don't remember if I don't know if you've ever seen citizen Kane, but if you think about the character of. Charles foster Kane when he starts to go into politics, part of what gives him a serious chance at winning. And of course, he, he fails because of another scandal. But it's this idea that he starts to articulate for people who feel like they're not being heard. You can argue with his politics, but just his ability to speak to people and have them go. Yeah. What he said, that's what we've been trying to get you to hear. That's kind of what I'm hearing from your argument that that Donald Trump was able to articulate something that millions of Americans have tried have wanted to feel validated on for a long time yet. No, no question. I think I think there's a Liz pendants at working class, middle class people lower middle-class people have against the Washington establishment. I think there's a series of complaints where they feel that they've been under served and they see Donald J Trump for whatever reason as their avatar as a disruptive force in Washington, and they may even see him as a wrecking ball, and they like the idea that he's coming in there. To Rex certain artifices of the establishment..

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