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Think red. Let's check in now with rob for an update this year early morning. The national slayed the Giants 11 to 6 to take the three game series in San Francisco and earn a split of the 6 game West Coast road trip, the Nazis and high scoring output was thanks largely to the little used trio of stone Garrett il de mar Vargas and Riley Adams, the Nat 6 through 9 hitters in the order, combining for 7 hits and 9 RBI Dave Martinez. For me, it's just about staying engaged and staying ready. Fargas is in every game. He really is. I mean, he's the voice right now. You hear him all the time. He's got it for full of energy. But he's also engaged in, like I said, he's there, he's helping our youngsters out. But he's ready to play. Josiah gray pitched 7 strong innings and lowered his ERA to two 9 6. Like gray, the Orioles dean Kramer is won three of his last four starts after pitching 6 scoreless innings in a two one victory over the raise to take the series of Camden yards at Audi field, the Washington spirit, even without Trinity Rodman, beat Orlando Ford two for their first challenge cup victory of the year. Marissa Shiva and Lina solano, each scored their first NWSL goal. The mystics opened the preseason with an 88 76 win over the Atlanta dream led by Elena delle donne, 17 points in 20 minutes. The New York Knicks held off a late surge by the heat to force a game 6 in Miami and the Toronto Maple Leafs one in Florida to avoid a series sweep. Rob woodfork to believe TLP sports. It's gonna be a cruel man. I'm WTF. Chow, I'm John Andrea Jose at the music director of the national symphony orchestra

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