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All right. Let's make a big edge watch us. Go, who that is good I'm taking this over here or in this bad bitch up to Max and then. We go three eggs, but then we also have to fry hold on. This is going to be fucking good. I'M GONNA turn this one on over here. You ready for this guy. I need you to cut us out. Just to your, take this and. Some some Ham. That'll fit on this so like just like a slip. A little circle film. Like if you were making England and You want a little little little things yup this. I'm a very griller. fucking stab you both have the physique of Griller. Barbecues Barbecue. Invite me. I thought you'd have a common. Yeah, I'm a great grill I love grilling. Perfect perfect here. Passing over here I'm, GonNa put them in this sort up. been correct. This is been cooked, knocked right you. Go One more you another one. More one more perfect one in the middle. someting fingers are. On? POKES I love. Pasta went through a few. Days in my life. Push my favorite form of egg. For Media Radio. For a little bit of been. Finger helps keep it up. A A little bit of salt. By the way, don't need directions for this one. You checks from it right? To Simmer. Got Into the summer now what you do is let for just a few bubbles it should never boil is not boiling Jusuf. Right you it spinning like this right? You know why you do it like this. To keep although yolk in the white, the white from separating. There we go wow. Looks. Like an egg dosed. Guys. Do Thanh Maybe. It should be hotter. It looks like it's really just taking a bath in this. Looks good your. They, go! It doesn't go back. From beautiful my American duty. This one not on that Saturday Cook. Bubbling. Oh you can. Turn that burner off almost burned my face. Why don't we do this one? And then we'll pulled aside. We'll put it in this bowl. unloved poached egg I really love post with slotted spoon Bam Slimane being crazy for using the handle. It literally says use the handle of spook. You stir it so that you put egg in the center and it wraps it around. Well. We ask. I'm very impressed. Speaks are turning out really. Oh you could probably do up to forty times a year I'm going to get this one out. PUT IT in here. You can have fun. feel the white for firmness. She's Whiter, than anybody. A lot of people think I'm black I. No I thought that at times. The WHO. Black people mostly. WHO's your favorite black comedian? Oh Dave Dave Not Keith. Keith is in the top ninety. My favorite Black Comedians Patrice. Boya. Are we gonNA living. Alive or, dead. Still Dave before. Dave before patrol shit, we'll just because Davis had more time. Well yes, because he didn't have diabetes, right? Of the. Like I'd love to see Patrice now. I enjoyed exactly, but I enjoyed watching patrice more because he was he. Six years fucking? I know. There's some about that, was he? He was fucking funny. Some about his energy, that I, like I like data to Dave's grades. Yeah, smoked a cigarette kind of jazzy. You know. Let's shoot out in his. He bursts energy to like. Did you happen and it just goes away which I love. We're getting close. Favorite guilty, pleasure comedian. Some of you go get it. God Damn it. They make me Giggle Guy. Tell you Yeah Chertoff. Makes me laugh so fucking. Not supposed to ear. You're supposed to be smarter than the room housing for everyone. WHO's like I? Get this all the time. They're like You look like carrot top. I'm like I. Know Think of something better. It's like it's like. Get The guy from game of thrones. Ahead I'm almost gave it away. Know what I just started. would. You! Know what I started watching all the marvelous. One, so don't talk. Would want her I'd never seen any marble. You started. I started in chronological order. I did what was the first one iron man I know Captain America, was I? I? Think it was I I'm. Talking, you talking about like in the world, our world in the world so there will captain America's. Actually Captain Marvel was supposed to be first, but that's gone. Like it! Wasn't as bad as everybody said it was I, thought it was actually pretty good, but. The problem is right now. Game was one of the best movies ever I haven't seen it. Well. Anymore. Bit going viral about him spoiling and game and I'm like just don't tell me. We will come out of member Star Wars. When. Almost show looking back the. Most recent one. So I've never seen star worse. I don't like. Anything to do with your getting kissed for the first time at twenty five, I think. He wasn't getting doors. His closet base feerick is me I don't like movies about space. Space is too big. It's infinite. It's crazy. The ocean I also terrifies pink. Are Done. In a warrant a little more very close, but they're not gonNA. They're not gonNA Brown. We didn't put the bunch. If you put a little butter atop my brown. We'll went to see the most recent one. A couple of years ago were Han Solo makes his comeback layer. So you know there's around forty of US comics who got on those big way events, and as we're coming out with the second to last show, there was another show after. Walking.

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