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Little more suspect other doubts about this theory, come from Elizabeth Leprince Whitley Lewis wife, Lizzie often wrote about her life and family and her writings of always described the la- prince brothers as incredibly close and loving in the years that followed Lizzie and her children adamantly deny. Guide that Albert could've had anything to do with Louis disappearance, and yet despite these doubts the theory persists and the circumstances of Louise disappearance and the subsequent investigation certainly make Albertson Volve -ment at least somewhat suspicious, but what if Louis wasn't killed at all. What if Louise simply wanted people to think he was dead. It sounds dramatic and implausible, especially when you consider that Louie, LA prince seemed to be right on the verge of fame and fortune. And yet, it's what several film historians and Louise own great nephew believe is what happened English documentary filmmaker Christopher Rollins investigated. The prince's disappearance of length and in the process, uncovered letters written by Albert la- prince's grandson in nineteen thirty two the film historian, George Ponte in them. He wrote that Louis had quote, accrued significant dad and. Had taken all the necessary precautions not to be found and quote by eighteen ninety Lula prints had not held a steady job for three years. He had been so focused on finishing his inventions that he had abandoned his work as a salesman and engineer for Whitley partners. Elizabeth still managed the group of artists in the United States, but little money was coming of it. Well, there are no specific records proving this la- prince's dad's could have been as large as eighty four thousand dollars which would amount to millions of dollars. In today's economy, supposedly Louis had taken out a loan from widdly partners that he was unable to pay back this debt possibly left him deeply ashamed. Louis. Look prince was often described by his friends as both a proud man, and a perfectionist historians believe he may also have been unhappy with the state of his projector, which he was convinced could be improved la- prince had secured. Patents for his camera in America Britain and France. But since his camera had not yet been commercialized. He was not seeing any sort of income from those patents. Theoretically, if he wasn't extreme dad, the inheritance from his mother could have covered most if not all of the loans he had taken out this. Some believe is precisely why Louis went to see Albert into John when he did if Albert had told Louis that the money was not accessible, and that Louis would have to wait this would significantly. Exacerbate the debt problem rather than risk being seen as a failure? He simply got off the train during one of its stops before Paris and vanished lip rinse was not famous therefore would have easily blended in with a new identity Frederick Mason, Louie, LA prince's assistant, said afterwards that any I one of the fake death theory was simply not possible. He felt that Louis would never abandon his life's work so easily and he would never have a. Vanden Lizzy and his children all of Lewis communications with his family painted a picture of devoted family, man. Additionally, he had packed up. His camera in his workshop in Leeds in preparation for his journey to the states. It would have been very strange for him to go through a long and complicated packing process. If he had been planning on disappearing. Additionally, it costs money to restart your life if his motivation to fake zone death was financial ruin he wouldn't have the money to fund new life at all. Also, the prince was on the brink of immense wealth, so temporary. Financial difficulties would hardly be a strong motivation to fake zone death in the end many holes remain for the faked death theory. Our third theory is perhaps the most prominent Thomas Edison hired men to kill or ab- duct, Louie, LA prints. This theory is a captivating one. But it's likelihood is another matter entire. Nearly there are three incredible coincidences that linked the prince's disappearance to Edison coincidences that are impossible to nor. I Edison announced that he was going to start thinking of ideas for motion picture camera in eighteen eighty eight shortly after Louie LA prince, put on a demonstration of that very invention. Secondly, Frederick Mason, a man intimately involved with Louis affairs, believed Louis was carrying documents relating to this camera with him on the train and finally patent law..

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