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Are a beautiful man should we go through the next segment just doing that yeah you just complement each other all right we did a really nice the interview with the joy of cooking folks way back when it feels like a month ago now John Becker and his wife make and Scott to get a reduced about the seven three do in the history I believe that book came out in nineteen thirty one if I'm not mistaken yeah has on the seven three do in the history update they drop six hundred recipes they added six hundred more recipes and of course the we tried to break it in the segments thank the what's the best recipes for beginner cooks how do you use that tone that is the joy of cooking naked intimidated by it so today we're gonna talk of the final episode is going to be about baking and I know for me as a young cook what I wanted to learn how to make a general or something like that that was the first book I looked and then other books came up like the joy of there was a big Bible acres by yeah I love that book in Martha's books came out and everything got going between Julia in between so anyway I think it's a super fun listened yeah I think you enjoyed listening to because that's what your favorite books love it I wouldn't think people would guess that about you that you love the joy of cooking yeah I think it's a different PO Bible now of its own in America for sure yeah okay let's listen in you know this is our last in a series of interviews we did for with Megan Scott and John Becker there the conspirators behind the update of the new joy of cooking and we've had done a whole series of these during the holiday season because I think it is a fabulous book to get a young cook started to get a medium H. cook rolling into a little bit more to.

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