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Deny they're letting people down they point out that regional neighbors including Myanmar and Laos a being battered severely this monsoon. Season Climate change. Scientists predict more increasingly. Sudden and destructive storms and some, of the world's poorest, and most vulnerable people the greatest risk Bake reporting from Assam. Here in Britain the record-breaking hydroplane Bluebird is due to take to the water for the first time in more than fifty years. The high speed boat has already arrived on. The isle of bute an island in the first of CLYDE and Scotland for tests a, team has spent. The past, seventeen years restoring the craft which crashed in Coniston water in the lake. District in, nineteen sixty seven killing Donald Campbell his daughter, Gina says it'll be strange to see someone else in. The pilot's seat The repression, I've ever, seen in there was my dad but you know. I've got to grow up move on and that's that's how life is and it will be quite amazing and I think a thrill everybody involved. And everybody's is it Katrina Renton has more on the Bluebird Donald Campbell was attempting to break his own water speed record of two hundred and seventy six miles per. Hour he had reached, speeds of more than three hundred miles. Per hour when Bluebird flipped and crashed. On Coniston water in the lake district Donald Campbell lost his life while Bluebird broke up and sank but the. Jet engine hydroplane that held seven world records were salvaged from the league in two thousand and one after a painstaking seventeen year. Restoration she was loaded onto a trailer and. Brought onto the island beauty yesterday evening today she will be lowered onto the water of, lock fired where. She will. Undergo trials the project leader says the law is perfect for crew training Long, enough to get, Bluebird moving but not too, deep between Renton reporting now if you enjoy, Ernest Hemingway you might be pleased. To know that you'll have something new to read this weekend a previously unpublished short story by the. American author will be appearing in the US literary magazine the strand the newsroom's Morgan air reports over the years. Movies bars and even a minor planet have used American author Ernest Hemingway's neom he's considered one of the most influential writers of the, twentieth century, mostly because of his style which is short to. The point and helped earn him the Nobel prize for literature in one thousand nine hundred fifty six now over sixty years after it was written. His -til a rim on the garden side is being published for the very first time the short story set in Paris just after allied soldiers liberated the city in. August nineteen forty four, and it's told by fictional version of Hemingway himself in this excerpt he's in. The, garden view of the Ritz, hotel I was reading and listening and.

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