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We see in in the NBA great time in patient knowing that he's running out at the three. He's going to be available. But right in his Lee glove Craig play. I college hoops down Murray state's John Mirant looking like classic Vince Carter. Oh my goodness. That's Carter dunk was so nasty. I'll never forget that one this one right here. This guy's not going to forget this one. I got people texting me said, hey, Chris last time. You went over this highlight. You miss them stuff. I was like, no it's Friday. I ain't trying to get fired home trying to semi vic- stuff. We see what happens there. See, you know, what happened? You know, what my reaction watching? That highlight is though how this young man could've avoided it what try to block for the block. Now. That's what Nick right would have done, and I wouldn't want to. Charge. Not to talk about. No, you told me that Utah. You're not one of the executives shit. Almost. Phone call from one of the exact to what we're looking at on the TV screen. Cowboys Amari Cooper was a big part attorney around Dallas a season since joining the Cowboys. The team is eight and two Saturday who'll be facing a keep to leave and Marcus Peters. We face twice a year in Oakland. If he asked him that is definitely an advantage for them. Obviously their tendencies, but at the same time, they know mine, so. I think I think it definitely helps me, you know, play those guys twice a year over I know, I know them in and out how they play. Mabel to tell like, my teammates quarterback, you know, their tendencies, so definitely. Yeah. Good question. I don't think you know, me. I love that it works one way. But it doesn't work the way. So that's an interesting point. How much will experience really factor into this? The fact that he knows those guys pretty well. He played them twice a season. I think it's important that people understand that especially when you play against people twice a year to Mark Cooper talked about as far as in your division. It started for me when I was in college because we used to get great scouting reports on the defensive backs, and we've got a lot of big ten defensive backs Purdue Wisconsin, Iowa Michigan guys that we're going to be playing in NFL, but it started early for me playing against Purdue and Rod Woodson my coach point out to me, Chris you're going to be playing against this guy for a long long time. So once I start facing them, my freshman year, you start figuring out tendencies, and you watch clips them you'd like to you know, what their strengths are what in the weaknesses are what they liked to do. So rotten are not only are college careers mirrored each other. But then are pro careers, married. Each other. He's one of my one of my teammates there in. Football hall of fame. So I was able to experience early how much it will help you. So you start to get a book I taught Randy moss to Bill to do it. Even we went to the Pro Bowl. We would go over the defensive backs there what we knew about him. So he started to develop a book on the on the defensive backs that he would be facing not only that season but throughout his career. So Mark Cooper. He does have Intel. I like the fact that he realizes to tone reporter, it's not an advantage for me because they face me also..

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