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Food assistant benefits. The other starts a process requiring federal contractors to pay a $15 minimum weight. His administration has also proposed to $1.9 trillion economic relief package. Well, we'll have to go through Congress Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will send an article of impeachment against former President Trump to the Senate. The Senate trial, though, won't start until the first week of February. Impeachment senators will be sworn in on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the actual trial will start We're hearing now. The date of Monday, February 8th. He says. The two week break left the Senate confirmed President Biden's Cabinet nomination and allows former President Trump to organize his legal team. This by the way, first time a former president faced impeachment charges after leaving office. Still some question if it's even constitutional to impeach an ex president. Nelson, Senate Democrats releasing a plan that looks to spend 2.2 billion in federal aid money on covert 19 relief efforts here in our state plan includes 618 Million boost vaccination efforts and contact tracing also includes 668 million for school assistance or hearing 365 million. You also aid renters and landlords and 240 million for grants to businesses. Meanwhile, the governor Jay Inslee, his wife, Trudy, both have received their first dose of covert 19 vaccine, the couple receiving the modern art shots. At the seam. Our clinic there in Olympia earlier in the week to state moved by the way into phase one be on the vaccination schedule, which was modified to include those who are now 65 older. Phase One B also includes those age 50 and older who lived in the multi generational homes. 6 18 now here at CO. Moh news. We've just mark the one year anniversary by the way, the first case of covert 19 reported. In America. I was a patient and Everett comas. Matt Markovich, speaking with the doctor who was leading the charge, and now says federal regulations need to change. It was December 2019. When I first met Dr Helen Chew, and then a swab was taken from their nose had my.

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