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So I think that's going to hurt them especially after what we just saw from the Rams offensive line and those two running backs. The fact back as C J Anderson likes to call himself. Does that you see that story out? It's great. He calls himself the fat back. So I do think that that's going to be the thing. Like, everyone thinks is going to be like shootout crazy scoring like the first time. Now, I think no controlling the line of scrimmage. It'd be kind of boring. I do completely agree with you on that. I mean, I think that the Rams would be silly to get away from their game plan of this last weekend against Dallas. And the one thing John. Jared Goff has his most success in play action. And so if you're able to run the football all the sudden those jet sweeps defensive lineman bite on that play action defensive lineman bite on I think that even in play action. That's where Jared Goff is going to do his business. But it starts with the run. You want to call Bryant Windhorst and see what he thinks about the. Yeah. Yeah. Greg you want to call Brian winters, so anti wind horse. No, never never again. Never. Down. I saw him Walker the hotel if you wanna just grab grab. I'm sure Mason. We'll go run right after him. He did yesterday. They said you really did. It was amazing. I was stunned because I was curious because Brian was just sitting there for at least a good. He was sitting there actually said I don't need to come in there. If they don't want me. But you know, what you know, what the thing was I had run out of things to say. Yeah. So you're like, hey, Brian. It'd be like today. John don't you run out of things to sell man Friday for sure. Yeah. All the time. But I mean, this isn't one of those days. I mean when you look at the Rams, and you look at the Lakers, George, what do you think of the Lakers laugh? They had a great win. I tweeted that out yesterday after the game. I thought the young guys played great. How about zoo butts minutes at this point? I know you guys I would start them. Yeah. I started and let the other two guys play last night. Mason broke this down earlier last night. He played twenty eight minutes and the other guys played substantially thanks to bail played nine. And and tiger L played. Tyson played eleven something six Tyson Chandler played sixteen jail. Played eight Forty-five Zubay, and George I told him we had him on today. And I told him the most impressive thing about his whole night the career high twenty six points in the twelve rebounds the fact that he went twelve of fourteen from the field, which is insane. Yeah. It was crazy. The most impressive thing about it. Was he did it against Stephen atom, who's great? Who's a really good center, by the way? I I don't know if we have the call of when Lonzo fouled Russell Westbrook. But I can't I can't expect you or happy about that. No. But a we thought they held up the referees held up number two. Right. So we thought it was two shots. Right. But what they're really saying was the foul is on number two Lonzo. And then we realized why is Luke Walton going ballistic. They're giving him three shots, and George the one thing. Maybe you know, I emailed the NBA today. I haven't heard back. Is that a review -able play? They're not they actually came out with their two minute report. And they're saying that the foul should have been on the floor that they got that part wrong. But that that that particular situation was not reviewable won't. Why isn't it? I mean, you shouldn't have to look at that. And say was he going into shooting motion or not? Hasn't that open? Just a whole bunch of. I mean, a judgment call is a judgment call. Right. But I assumed and maybe John you did too right? Like, everything under two minutes. I thought any kind of game changing type of play could have been reviewed there. I thought under two minutes at least, right? And and you know, what Luke told me was that the official said to him..

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