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Want to know what's really scary seeing just how much you could have been saving on car insurance by switching to Geico will keep you up tonight. Switch to Geico and save So let's get it up Day on evil more as war, EO As there is a man that we've been tracking over the course of the week named Sean for rash. And we had Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio on the airwaves with us yesterday is a guest. He and eighth grade. Did a sports talk show a couple of them with this Sean for issue, Mariah's insist sure to steal his identity. Now it appears to me just from watching how your Twitter is going, and you've been tweeting with him and at him. He seems to be a nice guy, and that your concerns about him stealing your identity or really unproven. Again. I understand that they're unproven and he has been Maura than friendly and gracious with the mix up in names, But I also could understand that could be a rope A dope situation. Get your clothes on ly, you know, pulverized, So I'm trying to play things very close to the chest right now. Has your family who was insistent that he was trying to steal your identity for 8 to 12 years Have they finally backed off this this idea, this theory that it was a long play by him all find it very funny. All have seemingly backed off. But all are not 100% committed that something is not fishy here. Again because of certain things like the clerk's office and such There's still something that doesn't sit right despite the proven fact pointing to major coincidence. I mean, we have the fact that this guy was named Sean for Ash dating back 12. Years ago, when Zach Gelb was an eighth greats. We know it had nothing to do with your identity. Again. It had nothing to do with my current form of I did. It doesn't mean he didn't come into some running or know where I was from my trajectory, so my path and took it and then started that is his radio name in eighth grade. I understand how that sounds. I understand. We have given up doing this day like it's getting. It's getting a little angering at this point Like you have your grasping to absolutely nothing at this point. It's not angering because I'm with you guys and I understand how psychotic it sounds. So I'm with you, but you know, I'm not trying to cause tension. What do you mean, keeps? No. I keep telling you there's just always gonna be something there. That makes me question it. And if you were me, you would have the same. Quite well, Here's the thing. I absolutely would not. If I were you, I think very confident that statement. We thought we've punched holes in a lot of this number one When he decided on his on air name to be Sean for a she was in eighth grade. So this is very young to be establishing some type of identity publicly, too. When he did this in eighth grade. This is on the record, whereas you were not yet on the radio. You were merely a sandwich artist. And so if he were stealing your identity for radio purposes or celebrity purposes, he be silly. The identity of a subway sandwich employee number three Moving forward. He's not trying to hide his persona. He's very public about this name using this name, the only thing that appears to be somewhat quirky or eerie. Is that he has a friend. Did your friends on Facebook even though they don't know him be nobody in your inner circle knew off him in West Babylon, even though that's not that crazy. It's a pretty big town and number three. That you went to the clerk's office and as for her to run a background check and couldn't find this guy's address in West Babylon, which merely means he might be from there, but no longer lives there. Is that really all we're going on that he's trying to steal your identity. All right? Yes, but they're still fish east up there, And I would also just like to add that when I was a senior in high school, I was 2005. He would have been in seventh grade. And I was runner up in my senior superlatives for most likely to host a talk show. So if he was truly from West Babylon, I mean word would be out and who they thought coming out of West Babylon could host talk shows. And if that was what he was interested in, want to take my name there? Here's my question. Number one West Babylon had your name, Shawn. He didn't take your name. Stealing your identity means stealing your identity, which is Sean Morash. Not Sean for rash. This is the smoking gun. When you steal someone's identity, you pretend to be them. He has never pretended to be You. He didn't try and work it at bay in or make a sandwich were produced for D A. He has never tried to be You. Never five in the morning. Bogus. Do I need to be getting yelled at like this? You know, I'm in a bad somebody. Somebody? Yeah, no, you should because you said that they think that the 30 years ago and maybe this wouldn't be a problem right now. But how many more times do I have to acknowledge? Quote? I know how crazy this sounds. I didn't stop right there. Stop telling me there's fishy things and they're still there and I would feel the same way of ours. You because all that's nonsense. Rubbish. All this stress is gonna drive me to a 20 piece McNugget today, and I really don't need that. Can I ask you this simply before we get to bogus is update You have a senior superlative in West Babylon every year of who's the most likely to host a talk show. This is every single year and you came in second, who came in first and Dustin Stroker. He's a male nurse. Now.

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