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And I'm interested to see how many of those looks he gets when you do have pretty dick and Jalen Wilson. And for jaylen, I'm glad he's back. He had sort of this redemption tour later in the season. He performed well enough at the combine, some teams late second undrafted free agent type range. Now you can run it back, be more of a focal point to show the more expansionary game too. Yeah, I mean, I'm a big fan of this Kansas roster for next season. I think that with dewan Harris as well, really underrated lead guard. This is going to be the best defensive backcourt in the country next year with the WAN Harris and Kevin mcculler. I think that they should try to find maybe one more big, like there's a lot of reliance there on earnest due to. Maybe they think Zach Clemens is going to be able to step into a role. I kind of sneaky liked Clements. I like them too. In the moments that we saw him this year before the injury. So I don't know. I'll be interested on him. I think that this team has a real chance to win a national title again next year. And for how much they lost, given that, you know, Remy Martin is not going to be there. Jalen Coleman lands isn't going to be there. Oh chai isn't going to be there. We can go up and down the list of guys that they're going to lose. Christian Brown obviously another important one. Bill self has done an incredible job of reloading here. All right, so I assume Mitchell lightfoot will be there because he's just contractually obligated to play for cancer for the rest of his life and what a way to go out. You're a college for 8 years and what a national championship on the way out the door. It's perfect. So happy for him too. Okay. Next up, let's go Harrison Ingram. Maybe. Let's do it. Let me think of Harrison Ingram's decision. Loved it. I love that he left..

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