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Jim hayes doug von martin kilcoyne charley marlowe frank who samano at the time joe straus brian burrow an well people wanna one nickless kevin wheeler anthony salter chris duncan randy character brad thompson at the time demarco far i mean he's who there has anybody where you go yeah that person's you know has some issues whether it be on the air or off the air it's not it's not that's not how would how it works but unfortunately we all get lumped into this basket of like it's in it's not i mean guys come in and they do their show and then they go on many people have to either go to the postdispatch or go to left out dare golden recommen you know people who part of the station at the time the names i'm listing here and it gets it gets lumped in part because you've had some people in going back to like you know the guys who came in from atlanta who come in say things and then it sets a tone that you know understandably people are gonna cover it becomes it comes braggadocious and then when you don't deliver it then dan caesar's on it and then he's calling on it and it becomes a whole thing and and that's what happened there with dan marshall in the five ninety demand thirteen eighty the woman thing so it was it truly living it it was brutal i can tell you that living it it was brutal but now that we're five years removed from it i'm very glad that it happened.

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