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Haunted Places


This dawn i awoke in the cemetery cramped coal from cuddling but the marble statue of loose but draped over me was my hot chocolate stain jacket my moon princess she waits for me i hurried home i spent the day sorting my possessions and writing notes i had some friends over for dinner we joked and toasted each other i laugh more than i had in the last month momma shared a relieved glance with my older sister florencia they thought i was snapping out my funk but i was letting go of this we diculeng nonsense but the family cats would not let me pet them and struck out but their clause when i dared to offer treats at night i kissed momma goodbye in told that i was going for a walk she was a little worried that i assured her i was fine wearing my hot chocolate stain jacket pay hurried to labrecque recoleta the moonlight was shining softly at loosest tomb cradling the cold marble of lusa statue by pulled out the knife i had stolen from the kitchen earlier my warm blood runs across the polish stoned of loses sarcophagus i gather my jacket about me and look up at the moon soon will be with my boom princess my love.

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