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The net. Here's a pass now ahead for to bring it into the Vegas zone on the left wing side, but it's office stick to the corner. Zack White Cloud there to get it. White Cloud carrying the center ice The wind up and drive it into the hawk's own down the right side rolls around on the far side of the Han banks it to keep between the circles Hawkins. Passing a Strom Vegas line left wing. He sends the puck down to the left wing corner. White cloud took it there to William Karlsson, the center ice on the right wing to stone over the hotline. Right point Bennet over the far side. Chandler Stevenson tried to fling one in front this deflect through to the near side. Fuck. It's fun all the way down ice into the near corner in the Vegas Zone by Duncan. Keith actually buy only mon. Excuse me. And the Golden Knights. Get it back at center ice. Here's Martinez into the hot zone to the right wing boards smothered with a cheque from Otto, who in the next motion pope checks the puck away. And and it shot down ice into the Vegas sewn back to get it. Alec stuck rare shift there for Alex. Knee. Lander hasn't played a whole lot in this game under nine minutes through the 60 minute mark, but Jeremy Collinson needs to get some fresh legs. Get the guys that are logging some big minutes a little bit of a breather first overtime shift in his career for Lucas Carlsson, the Hawk's own, He sticks the puck off the glass down to the Vegas blue line. Golden Knights will get it back. McNab flings it down Ice in on Crawford, who stopped the puck with his pick. Gold stick for Carlson. You'll spin it behind the hawk met up the right side. Alex took it away Wheels to the slot shoots punched out with a black hearse A by Crawford. Now in further cousins with the backhand shot Crawford down with a butterfly sake, what took it in behind? Two McNabb top of the left circle. Fires off the post was taken back by tuck good pressure here by the Golden Knights took for the top of the left circle fires. Crawford got a piece of that knocking it up off the glass. Dave's grabs the puck behind the Hawk net shot it, ed for Kubelik. Get center ice. He lost it to make Nah, but the Vegas line put it into the hot zone along the left wing boards, Cousins and a Senate in front, Reilly, Smith shoots and scars. It's stashed me from the left wing corner, shoveling.

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