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Talent used to have a radio show in new york city where we don't kiss morning. It was doing it up and deal. Yooglie took that spot. We had the king call in as well. Yeah but historians incredible. I'm gonna have king corner and if we don't talk about that because he needs to tell us but anyway that he's hilarious new york king of being the building. We've got a few of a comedian. So come on now and the free admission again but it's really not free you gotta. There's a two drink minimum is food and there's a lot going on but please we want you to build it. Come on now. People are hitting me up like crazy already. Sunday april eighteenth. Sunday night laughs this the new movement after. Kobe squished it up from friday's friday saturday. No friday and saturday barbecue is now sunday reporting. You won't do it on sunday. This will be doing. We break in that culture and it was a show why you don't do this show on saturday. Saturdays at done saturday's data this problem in the first place saturday now lack sunday. I'll say it was cancer. Those ads surprise. Saturday turned up kobe the loop doing sunday. What's going on here. I can use and kobe. That's the new movement confusing kobe. Show the world just opened up. Now you on friday and saturday night sunday and you're going like it. It's the new movement i'm trying. I'm trying to save your life. Sunday night last. I hear in the lehigh valley. Oh come on now. A new york king town. We got a special mother's day shows. Well okay what we do. Barbie cologne shot out the womb. Before we do that a shelby supposed to call come in today. Salvia which gonna call show. Which bobby cologne. I wanna share. This view shared on a throwback thursday because back in the day we didn't have these ways to communicate with communicating with each other via the internet. And i wanna give a special shout to the internet. I wanted to shut up too to she me because it actually kept us alive because it kept us apart from each other and there's some of your lost your mind on it of course but i just to let you guys know if you know already barbies going to beat the story and the those watch parties on the facebook and it goes back to the radio. Weapon commie worldnet radio. Get these apps because you don't own facebook. You made an agreement to go on their platform. And i keep telling you guys that and you don't you don't understand this people. That's my facebook page knows not. It's not own nothing on facebook. Are you kidding me. You already know when you start saying dumb crap on social media like barbie said. He was a joke. Leo to a cousin. I'm gonna kick your ass. You got a warning a warning. It's not a platform everybody. And if you if you are identifying yourself with your facebook profile pitchy you sad and you pathetic based on your life on your profile picture. You're done because if they take it away from you then what you're going to do to fill that void. Oh guess what you can be yourself again. Try try that challenge but facebook's going to take away your watch party. Oh happy day now. Happy day they're gonna take away. Your watch pointy watch party. I like watch party to back but they they own the platform everyone app date. Md going to send a clear message that they do. Let let me say something reckless on this platform right now. They will shut this whole facebook facebook to be a lot of things. I can't say it's platform. Yup bobby. This is good news for me. The good news to hear that facebook is shut down to watch party year. Because we need we need to get back to some sort of normalcy. Some type of interaction If you take it back saying you know you go outside You will not sit there. And the state havens who bobby colonial watch party does it done. What is god bless. You wouldn't us facebook saying about the watch party. Facebook is saying. Watch party to stop on april sixteenth. facebook will now finally part ways with the watch party feature where people can host and watch videos in real time together with their friends. Do social media platform the sad will will bid farewell build do And we can no longer contact virtual party. That's already conduct virtue. Parties where everyone can Comment react share and enjoy the videos. According to the facebook helps in wish to watch party to will be removed on april sixteenth of this year This means there are related things including reactions comments and we'll also be removed from On the set date. What to preserve your comments impose that have been done previously in the set feature you can use the dow. Low your information.

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