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Were you satisfied. I am you say immediately turned ariffin said that characters name out loud house. Yeah i mean. I i don't know not i don't care i mean the the roster so large and they only showed view characters. Didn't get to see my favorites. Like johnny cage or Man i like. I i was a big fan of now and i feel like kay is represented as like a shitty asshole who you shouldn't like but by the fact that there is no other interesting characters you have to root for the like racist asshole personality so yeah shang sung is like i want you to strike but i you have to take down rate in shield at his headquarters so yes. It's the same thing that the heroes have to do injustice league but backwards. It's the villains doing it now. And it's weird because and k ball cabal hates kaneohe. He hates them and reserve former colleagues from colleagues. And you get the feeling that that a cabal. Who's in like a suit of living. Like cyborg mad max outfit. And he says he is an iron lung. Yeah that that kaneohe probably put him in that situation. But so so cabal visits k- no and i'm like so the shield that being them he did. That didn't bother him when he went in. Just it's one thing for like there's a shield keeping spec so go in there during the shield off okay or we're just like it's not that big an issue really slowly really slow one at a time things get you. And he's like no. You should shut down that shield and turn into a bad guy and kaneohe does exactly that and shane sunk shows up. Meanwhile who shows up at. Kohl's family's house goro Oak and everybody starts fighting battling battle battle battle battle. You get your first really gory. Death as king laos hat becomes like a spinning saw. Blade that cuts natarajan. Right down the middle of questions. Yep and she's the slipknot of the film big up character dies almost instantly and allow says flawless victory and other big wides razor brimmed hat flawless victory. You have to not get hit at all. And i feel like he got hit somewhere in there. But i have to reject the tapes. I mean me this life bar go down any. That's the thing you got to figure out. Well he might even take chip damage on on block. It just depends on the attack. He was blocking that also that they tend to be pretty clear that they kind of all make up the rules. Judge themselves the way shang songs like kill all of my competitors beforehand and hung lau is just when you're judging your own match of course it's going to be a flawless victory like come on. There's there's no way it's kohl's fighting goro. Kohl's wife talk about how you know. Yes another thing to me like this vanessa. Like for instance. I like no i know. He's a wild card. I know he's going to bring us down naturally but this is where the laziness of the motion picture annoyed me. 'cause literally guys like up look at. Hey cato cato you might would be fuck fucking. Hey 'tatoes like all right. That was it like that. There was no sense of like kay. No drama no. No no hiccup. No challenge no need to be seduced. Because i thought they could at least play that a little longer like keno maybe with him like slowly creeping around guest seduction of kano. Now is that not a film mortal kombat colon the seduction of house. Kabbalah laid out on pillows..

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