President Trump, Jean-Pierre Bemba, Kim Jong Un discussed on BBC World Service


The sounds of the nominee desert the local people and the wildlife join me and listen to the world as you've never heard it before after the news The news with David Austin in Zimbabwe supporters of president Emmerson Mnangagwa. And his opposition rival necessary mecer have been urged to wait. Peacefully for the results of Monday's election the country's election commission is coming under pressure to start publishing results. For the presidential vote President Trump has thanked the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN for allowing. Remains presumed to, be American soldiers killed in the Korean war to be returned to the United. States without explanation the president said he looked forward to seeing Mr Kim soon South Korea, is sending, a warship, to Libya after South Korean engineer was kidnapped along with three Philippine nationals the men have been working on a water project in western Libya and we're. Abducted last month The Congolese ex militia. Leader and former vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to file his, candidacy for December's presidential elections Mr. Bemba was acquitted in June of war crimes charges at the international criminal court the health ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo has a team of. Twelve experts would arrive in Beni today to help deal with, a native bowler outbreak in the northeast of the country the health minister said four people have so far tested positive a. Japanese newspaper alleges that the Tokyo Medical University altered test results of female applicants to restrict the number of women students it suggested the discrimination aim. To keep the percentage to about thirty on the basis of many female doctors quit. When they married and had children study has suggested a link between abstinence from alcohol in middle age and, developing dementia the research published in the. British medical journal suggested that those who have teetotal at fifty have a forty five percent higher risk than moderate drinkers some doctors say the results should be interpreted with a high degree of Caution that's the latest BBC news.

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