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By the way i just thought of a name for the golden age reliving room a k the ottoman empire oh my god that's pretty good welcome back to the dinner party download the culture show that helps you win your dinner party i'm rico galliano i'm brendan france's newnham we should let you know that this is an encore broadcast shall we first aired last may in its well worth another listen later movie star cameron diaz gives us etiquette advice but i was meet our guest of honour all right that'd be search ronen at the ripe old age of twelve she earned an oscar nomination for her performance in the movie atonement she also played the titular teenaged assassin in hannah appeared in was anderson's the grand budapest hotel and start in the sleeper hit brooklyn for which he was up for another oscar when i spoke with her last summer she was on broadway playing abigail williamson arthur miller's the crucible her first stage role when we met i asked how she made the adjustment from movie sets to treading the boards i was shocked when we turned up on day one and i started it felt like the first hand scale if i may i didn't idea now you know that the meetings that we have to have beforehand i had no idea as silly as the fans that you you know you should bring in your own water of when you first because in found there's always like a fridge fuller lauda's air show us and but it was silly things like that and so i was kind of getting used to this new way of town things and i was quite shocked that ten minutes after we turned up leave our strident the first avenue and we just kept gone than fire.

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