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A blow up the mine that was on the edge of his property. And he said he was trying to talk to the police, and they weren't taking him. Seriously. I thought the locals were hazing him. And then it just got so bad. He and his family fled their home. He went back with his brother in law to take some photographs and pick up the rest of their stuff. And that was the last we heard and he disappeared. And that's kind of where Hellier picks up is us tracking down this case as we were doing that. We were finding all of these different similar similar sightings going hundreds of years back all along the Appalachia's and people were just giving them different names. They were all seeing the same thing, we think. They just were calling them different things. So no one really put two and two together. How do you know that this is the real deal as opposed to some trickery or they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes? I think I mean, we initially were very skeptical of what was happening to this day. There's still a healthy level of skepticism. We were constantly trying to really keep ourselves grounded throat this investigation because it does take some pretty crazy turn. So I think that's something that no matter what is always in the back of our minds in at just as far as the investigation goes. We try to remain skeptical as possible because there is a lot of people out there who potentially be putting us on when you were on the scene. Could you feel anything strange was there any kind of energy pattern out there? Absolutely. I mean that was the first thing that we noticed when we got to hel- your I've kind of all described it as a feeling of having your brain sort of re-tuned to. Location. It. It was the first thing that we noticed it felt strange. They're very dreamy like you had sort of stepped into a different feeling sort of a place was really interesting. Now, you you broke it down to the five parts the documentary. Right. Yes. Yeah. There are five different parts of the first part of the documentaries. Basically just a recap of the investigation that we had done so far. This is something that's been seven years in the making, and and it just kind of something we've been slowly chipping away at because there's there's so many mysteries to unravel. So the first part is just kinda catching up, and then everything from the second episode on is the actual investigation itself. Were you happy with the way it ended up? Well, I think that's that's a really interesting.

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