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And I know what like to have to carry these huge Pelican cases like to these really crazy weird places bringing all the lighting equipment, audio equipment, all kinds of stuff and I'm like this. Like honestly this sucks. So I made it like my mission to fit. What I need and like parrot down to small as possible and put it in this small as. I can like in his bag is small as I can find and use that and rely on that. And I think right now I've got it pretty dialed where I have this small like I think they call it the photo swing actually a hazard for photos link. On it's like six leaders, it's real small. But I can fit my camera I can fit. Two Lenses. A to a lab Mike's. To filters a bunch of batteries like I can actually fit a decent stuff in there. It gets pretty heavy but. From what it is, you know like it's not too bad. Before I. Let you go. There's one last question I have. When are you planning on going back to Kawai? I'm not sure honestly I haven't been hearing back since two thousand and. Eleven. I think twelve. It's been a while back. To Be Honest. So I'm announcing it here. I don't know when this episode is going to drop but I guess that's when everyone is GonNa find out. So I just got approval from the. Mayor of. As well as the chief of the Fire Department for the island of Hawaii. As, well as the head of the alive savings association, and I will be doing a series of exclusive interviews with the life guards of Kawai, as well as the other water rescue assets there and trying to help get their stories. Told to people on the mainland people in the greater media, and so one of the things that I'm going to have to do is also gather. Photo and video content. So I was going to see if you were going to be there because I was gonna ask you would like to collaborate with me on this project. Oh. Yeah. But I got to figure out how I'm going to get you to Hawaii because I I am not getting paid to do this. This is meteorologist on SPEC. This is one hundred percent me saying these are stories that need to be told I wanNA preserve these stories, and if I can sell some stories to magazines or some papers, there's something along the way. Awesome. Maybe it'll cover my cost..

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