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Silvester stallone may have suggested what the plot will be get picture this week on instagram with vaughan drago played by doleful lundgren back in the day squaring off was photoshop duff one grin squaring off against michael jordan who is the modern day at dawn at ccri right still loan at it this caption this was this week quote here's a chance to stretch your imagination history will always repeat itself in one form or another just got to be ready sins of the father hashtag creed too hashtag rocky balboa like that it appears he's suggesting the jordan will perhaps a venture apollo crete's death in russia remember the original luxury that's how he death guy evonne drago good idea or bad idea this center creed to around in a von drago story it's a fantastic idea and by the way russia is our leading enemy again it's like how it comes full circle there was the cold war and now there's whatever the hell is going on now with putin and all these election disruptions i think it is a fantastic idea son of drago verses son of apollo to me that works and by the way the director of that movie ryan kugler he also directed michael jordan in fruit fails station fantastic director creed is a completely satisfying movie watch i thought it was good for him and ask chan yet it appears that that's where that's heading kugler is working on another movie right now they got a weight when he's done then they could go for that james harden just scored a two hundred twenty eight million dollar eventually remove a houston rockets i'm gonna give you a thing you can buy.

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