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Payton as he takes the reins of the Denver Broncos, whether he will or he won't have John Elway breathing down his neck. For the purposes of our discussion today is a relevant If you want to have that separate discussion, we can Whether it's George Payton or John Elway or the brain trust at Dove Valley. They have some decisions to make when it comes to They're pending free agents because as good of financial shape as the Broncos Aaron with the cap, and there are pretty good there in a pretty good spot. If they stick with drew lock. If they don't stick with your luck. If they decide to go the veteran quarterback route and I'm not talking Jamis Winston Marcus Mario to hear I'm talking big Carson Wentz, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, Jimmy Garoppolo. These guys that are gonna fetch a not only Well, you have to give up something of significance to get them, but you'll end up having to absorb quite a large salary. For all intents and purposes, what the Broncos have now in salary cap space. Without Justine Simons signed without Von Miller signed Phillip Lindsay. Or Shelby Harris. They have the amount of money it would take for them. To bring in a Matthew Stafford. Or a Carson Wentz or a Dak Prescott. So if you decide that that's the route of the Broncos decide that's the route they're going. Then it becomes a one in one out scenario. You want to bring back Shelby Harris. You gotta cut drill. Casey, you want bring back Ah, von Miller. DACA AJ boy you want? Bring back Justine Simons, You gotta cut Ah! Cream, Jackson. Like it doesn't have to be those exact guys. But Once you use up the rest of your salary cap space, bringing in Veteran quarterback. That is paid like a franchise Q B You're going to have to basically cut a player. For each one of these pending free agents that are going in going to probably fetch a decent amount on the open market. Some calculations have had Justine Simons about 15.5 million. And George Payton said yesterday. That one thing that he wants to make sure they the Broncos do under his reign. Is not lose their best young players. And said that specifically about Justin's in While John Elway couldn't get a deal done with Justine Simons, perhaps George Payton camp Justine Simons is at the top of the priority list for George Payton and John Elway. In my opinion, as he probably should be. That's probably the number one guy that is due to be a free agent that you want to bring back. If you bring in a franchise quarterback and you bring back Justine Simons, you got cut somebody. Oh, and by the way, you're probably gonna have to let von Miller, Phillip Lindsay and Shelby Harris Co I'm not trying to deter anybody. If you're somebody who thinks that drew off, ain't it And you want the Broncos to go out and get a veteran quarterback? You and Ira of of the same mind or let's say to Sean Watson. Because we may disagree on Matthew Stafford or cards wins, or we all agree on to Shawn wants in. Right, and he just signed his extension. I don't know if it kicks in this year. But for argument's sake, let's say that We can all agree with this. John wants and so if you're trying to bring into Sean wants in who's going to be paid? 25 to $30 million somewhere in that range. You know you can't afford all of these guys. I think that's the best way for the Broncos. Best route for the Broncos to go. Not just just John Watson, which is everybody's best route to go. But even to me and Matthew Stafford, if they don't You know? Achieved the pipe dream of landing to Shawn Watson. Then to me, Matthew Stafford should be the next guy on their list. So I'm okay with the repercussions when it comes to the salary cap. So I said what I would do Is I would Bring in Matthew Stafford or save the money for a veteran quarterback. I would bring back Simmons and von Miller. How is Tyler? You know Points out. If they move on from bond that's going to free up some space. It will it'll free up right now. It frees up 22 million, but I'm telling you that Freeing up bond right now. That's the original figure that came to 32 million. So if you're thinking Well, if we let Vongo Broncos get even more in cat, No, that's what it would be. You let von Miller go. You do not pick up his team option. You have $32 million and cap space to start. Free agency in the draft. So the guys that you will be releasing in order to free up more room would be cream. Jackson General Casey Age. A boy, Bryce Kallen. So if I'm looking at, I set aside the money for veteran quarterback Bring back Justine Simons. And I bring back von Miller. If his If its problems with Parker police become real problems and legal things. Then? I don't know. I think that makes the Broncos Let's presume innocence until proven guilty. On Miller's innocents of it..

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