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In a fairway. Because i'm telling you the the dream side. The upside the the fruits of your hard labor. It's it's worth taking all that in los angeles little bit been there before. I've been there where you lose your train of thought. And that's nor you get better at that as you go along but that still happens. Everybody who's trying to thought. Probably because you're you're listening so to me so that you wrote forgot about what was next car you want to go on to your story. What do you do when that happens. I mean maybe has happened recently but when it happens on air what would have any money from any. He's this two things that i do. What one. I just don't say thing so if i'm interviewing you and i'm like hey. How have you been doing this podcast. And you ask you a question. Maybe i can't remember ordonio. My next question is i'll do this. So what do you want to do tomorrow like. I'll pause to think so you don't have that. Well let me like now. When i do have my a- moments it will be like this. And i ended this part out unless it's a live interview. I could say all right. So what made you get into doing these podcasts. And you answer your question. Then i may say so when you go home you try to prepare. Actually let me rephrase that. How much work do you do at home to prepare for your show. You see what i'm saying. I'll use that. Let me rephrase. It doesn't sound bad. It's just like let me let me let me change the question up a little bit. So it's like. I had a question. But i wanted to change it up but it doesn't sound that okay. That's great advice from me. I mean i kind of need that some time. Because i'm always listening to listen and and we'll take him what you say but that's kind of when when you have to do some things that it also gets. A little jumbled up in net never admit that she forgot the question or you know where you just. Don't say a thing or rephrase the say well let me let me rephrase the question or let me say it in a different way make up something. Get some question. he's the he's thinking of question there just one last question to i normally am things with with the last question about advice your former self but we do have one that we touched on in the in the class with with the big sports business club. Because we don't talk about this enough on this podcast in terms of some dating advice for for some people that really need it. We had rage debate on in our in our sports. business clubs. Zoom about the. Yes or yes theory about how. You should always ask you a question that it's a double positive. You don't wanna say you wanna get dinner with or not. It's juliet coffee or dinner. And you gave some really lining thoughts on that and they really a lot of people out maybe sponsored success stories in the club. And i i don't want to reveal too much. But what are your thoughts on on. That's for for the people that weren't in that call. I'm trying to remember exactly what i said. It was good it was. I know we went another half hour about like dating. I don't. I don't remember what i said but what i do know is that being confident changes a lot of things and it's not just date is even the broadcasting field when you're when you're confident in yourself like you come across really well on television and to rever you're to go on a date with you go up to somebody like Can i get your phone Like i hope nobody's like that but it'd probably are that may turned somebody off because they're not same way. If you go on television you like oh. I've forgot what my question was went on. I was wondering what game. Yeah so show the confidence be confident in yourself but also prepare. I know for me. I my stuff was never scripted. My stuff was just just be me and be confident and don't worry about like the yesterday. No i mean you want the yes like if you have somebody you want to go on a date but i always went into it. Not worrying about the no i was always going into. She's gonna say yes. I hate negativity is easier said than done your parts. pounding while you're doing it man. I'm married guy now. So it's like. I've been out of the game but i do like the fact. Would you like to go to launch or would you want to go to dinner or something like that to me. That's what. I was mentioning before like my dad and some of the things that he taught me to be respectful in and not go to a girl and say like hey you want to go out or hey you want to go somewhere. It's like being prepared already. Having a plan might go into. Hey you wanna you wanna go out to lunch. Oh i guess so. Where will this nice coffee shop that. I went to before when i was studying in school and i think he should go to. They have live music and stuff like that like bam like. I'm sold myself like have that in your back pocket ready to go because it it. It just shows like okay. You're really confident you're taking control of of the situation. I think in the class. I was mentioning before the the the ordering the food that you get up about that. He said i explain explain proper before we go people in tonight so this this doesn't closely for all the fellas out there. I mean it be women to Depending on who you date or whatever and the phones here are big. The big fellas basketball podcast. These guys are big. Big for the big fellas podcast for big. Here's some big big time advice. That i need to give you when you go on a date. Talk to the person you're on a date with and go over the menu and see what they want to eat and if they say hey. I want cheese burger with lettuce tomatoes but extra catch. Oh okay. Hey that's that's good all right. You don't like tomatoes okay. Why don't you like tomatoes. Whatever heart in that conversation so then when the waiter comes up you say you don't control with the person eats but you under you listen to why they want this particular food item and and the way they want so then when the waiter comes you can say yes this lovely person or like a cheeseburger lettuce tomatoes but she will love to have extra catch one that's whack because it will show you that. Hey i'm being a man's taking control not taking control control but meaning as being a gentleman by ordering the food for her but also understanding and listening because a lot of people like especially in any relationship. You gotta listen as way up two years. One mouth lis- listen twice as much as you talk now in listening to what cheer he or she likes that means. I'm showing effort to get the no one understand. That person and that will go a long way. That's the my job done that you so much. Not not just dating stuff. That's that's life stuff. That's the sports business stuff. That's just all kinds of gospel. So thank you so much for that. And i really appreciate coming on a man on that listening to the big fellows podcast. Check us out on all major social media platforms at big fellows pod to join that chapa. You can also listen to us on every podcast platform on the planet. Stay tuned for the next episode big fellas..

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