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It's hard to understand what the long game here is three games in this. And you talk about the turnover and the roster. It is a roster because of the way MLS is built. The only money they have to play with is money for young players. So then the quality in this team is all new young players, which never hits an MLS immediately. So you've got Rodriguez who has barely played Campana has struggled. You've got draft picks. You've got Noah Allan. You've got all these pieces. Quinteros, that's all going to take time. So what is the advantage of throwing Gonzalez in under the bus three games in? To then what? In four months when Rodriguez hits and kaponi gets comfortable that you then don't have your DP being interested in invested, it felt it felt very odd to do. And it sort of feels like maybe Phil Neville wasn't prepared for what this season would look like, which is shocking because he was the coach of this team last year, which is what it looked like. The whole thing was like, could they avoid chaos and just blasting themselves in the foot? Yeah. And it's like a couple games in and we're already right back here. You know? Shout out to Austin FC for tearing franchise down in two weeks. Yeah. It just seems so strange to me that this would be what would play out publicly. Privately okay. I get it. You have problems. You're not winning games, you're not getting results. There are things to handle behind closed doors probably. And I'm advocating for more of this to happen in public. Don't get me wrong here. I just don't understand the in game. I hate Carlos. I am just so I can't wait for Felipe to go down to Fort Lauderdale and get himself a sit down with Gonzalez and just see what comes out of that interview because it's like there's gotta be something cooking..

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