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No what about the relationship that you were just making about. What about the guests? The guests could end up being your client. That's the twelve hundred dollar client for cost Endo. Pm UP whatever. The muddle is a doing that interview. Because you've got a one on one relationship with that person that's one person. One conversion one clients as opposed to a million clients. So I think thinking about the payoff in that way. Sure absolutely makes sense. So what's up for the new decade? You know what are the plans for the new decade? What's coming up? This podcast is being recorded in January. Twenty twenty looking at January twenty thirty years. I need a time machine because even just looking back in last three years. You'd need a time machine so old. The big brands that coming in it's moves from branded podcast quarreling. True crime at the moment Everyone's coming in and doing all the DIY. But also the big Hollywood agencies of an even in the last three years at conferences. I've saying Hollywood not be there to them. Literally fly across the country from Los Angeles media agencies all the way to Florida in the middle of summertime in Orlando showing up so I think that's costing its content machine and it's a discovery in the way that blogging and Youtube was so all the media companies are coming in and buying up podcasts discovering people so they can get content to make the content from it because its contents gold mine and I think this GonNa be the Professionalization Day professionalization which was saying in the booking industry because it's so accessible to everybody that changes the game so I don't have. I'm you know I'm not an article on the answer on the same as you. I'm watching on like everybody else going. Okay guys West is going to end up right from a business standpoint for your business. Do you have any plans for the next couple of years? Anything that you'd like to share. Yeah we tape it wherever take agency so we are a high touch client working with personal brands and people so I think a lot of key everyone and I think this is a little bit like podcasting. Everybody's looking to scale. They walk the mice clients and the mice bookings but when way not doing it. In that way we look after small roster of clients. So I think it's continuing to serve our clients in the best way possible and just just keep a bit take with the quality and like doing I thought I just wanted to have two hundred clients that concept and don't not every podcast the ban on I'm up in your base. Let's like I enjoy knowing what you're doing and your success and listening to you episodes nine exactly what you've been books so. I WANNA keep keep it small while getting big in the in the value in delivery Kenny this has been great. Thank you so much for joining us today but before I wind up I'd like to have you can one take away for our listeners? Ltd's guests or podcasters. Would you like to say to them? I think. Ask questions. Dr Dern like really reverse engineer and ask yourself what am I trying to do he who am I talking to him what I want them to do because we can all start a podcast ova can all go as a guest on podcast but winging it is a waste you know and also if you're putting time and effort into something it's about doing that research fronts? They've got realistic expectations. Sekine goal in and not be disappointed if you know what if you know what you're doing to ask questions to really know what you're doing so you have a realistic expectation of where you going and then you can just do it and commit also thank you so much. Kelly. This has been a pleasure having you on the show lots to learn from you. Look forward to keeping in touch. Thank you so much thank you. It's a place thank you. I hope you love that episode. That was our episode hundred one zero zero. It's been tremendous journey getting to know so many people out there not just guest but you the listener says well in providing so much of inspiring content that can help you on your journey Eugenia success. You'll johnny trials and errors. Eugenie can make it to the top. Make sure you go and subscribe to plan D success podcast on your favorite podcasting platform or checkout plan. B. Dot life or Rajiv Modem Dot com to check out all the other episodes that are out there and do tell a friend. Do Tell somebody that you think can benefit from this content so they can go and subscribe as well heap subscribed he enjoying the content. Make sure you common review and leave a rating. Thank you.

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Kenny, Hollywood, Rajiv Modem Dot discussed on Plan B Success

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