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Diane keaton today on over there yeah was it appetito going after what he in the eye and unom what was at on she she was was she was defending her tarnat's natto saying mike sakya she diane keaton said i think everyone should watch this it's super complicated yeah because i i mean it's hard to even have this conversation nowadays because it's we're in such a weird place in society it is very fogged up that woody allen took nude pictures of his stepdaughter soon knee lagging it that so fought up and by the way he was fifty seven when that happened as usual nineteen he was fifty seven and married to mia farrow and then that started the divorce and i think what happened was i've i'm not mistaken i think society look past what he did with with soon me and i think that made me a ferro enraged that share that she was like hold on this was my daughter heat the he he was her stepfather and he factor and by the way it's to be shit after they moved in together whatever d senator college like a child she would college she would college in the collagen a comeback owen fox him in and go back to college and be like a kid it was really fucking weird but within the part me goes the only reason the accusations against dillon ferro came out was because of a custody battle and a divorce and it and it and that's what diane keaton was saying is like you need to watch his sixty minutes article because you know everyone's just i mean it was thought but i don't know i mean i don't know it when you listen to what downside your low announce how you like jahor.

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