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Refer back right good Friday morning America's first news continues on the twelfth day of July in tropical storm berries wind and rain are lashing Louisiana this morning is New Orleans in coastal communities braced for a drenching from what's expected to be the first hurricane of the season a berry could become a category one hurricane by Saturday causing problems for communities already hit by flooding here's governor John bel Edwards our rainfall totals of ten to fifteen inches are possible and with locally higher amounts are expected in some areas on isolated basis the heaviest rainfall will likely occur Friday through Sunday morning due to the uncertainty in the track there is a storm surge stressed for all of south and southeast Louisiana I will remind everyone this is the two hundred and fifty eighth consecutive day of the flood fight on the Mississippi River that is the longest in history and if tropical storm bury the counter hurricane as we fully expect it will this be the first time than we've had a hurricane make line landfall in Louisiana while the Mississippi River was at flood stage and it isn't just the Mississippi River we have elevated river levels across Louisiana we were looking at storm surge of three to four feet the lasting twelve hours around the Mississippi River and that's actually good news relative to yesterday because you'll recall the prediction was for a water level to fix Carrollton gate to reach twenty three that has been revised downward to nineteen feet on a while that's a relatively slight difference it has resulted in a new forecast that calls for no water over topping any portion of the levy on the Mississippi River that's obviously on good news and New Orleans mayor out latoya Cantrell said.

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