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The thing drew brees dan thank you jerry midnight june once the coach and never watched it to them oh just coach not the go okay mean yes euro data elder and talking about rod canyon of which you have announced you interview this morning but uh i'm going to tell you with the house on all would tell me about rod tin um so i i've i've talked to you a few times i would i would leave in halibut and a long time ago we did a few segments and um i was introduced to him by somebody who was leading however it in as well and um he's just a great public speaker and a really awesome story um he has a book out called open i don't know if you've read that uh have basically how compaq took on ibm on and there's a there's a netflix documentary on it too i saw the netflix documentary uh it's called silicon tell was boise idaho the book has a lot more detail uh th obviously but it's a really good read and uh if you haven't already done the in the got on look at like a plea recorded though i am interviewing him uh i think next friday okay uh ask him about if you can uh about he has a pretty good anecdote on legacy that i think is a really good a good story but he tells it really well it's uh now you know worrying about what your legacy is gonna be basically and uh he have a pretty good take on that that i found to be pretty interesting well want to ruin it no no i'm i'm blind with it um so uh i came for for those of you don't know uh rod canyon was the ceo and one of the three sounders of compaq computers and compaq computers didn't end up where apple did but there's an argument to be made that apple wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for compaq computers and that rod kenyan was kind of a head of that curves and it's it's a fascinating stay right there jimmy it's a fascinating story the movie is called silicon cowboys and it's about compaq was disc computer.

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