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We all have a tendency to fall prey to at times, and so if we. Approach our lives, as has the war as the battle, it is then we're more adequately prepared to give ourselves the resources, the conversations the tools the equipment the mindsets that we need to thrive and succeed in turbulent times, and that's what this podcast is all about, so we do that by interviewing. Successful men men like Sean Parnell who had got on the podcast today and Jaakko and Gog ins and Andy for Cilla and John Eldredge I. Mean we've we've got some phenomenal phenomenal men who have joined us, and it's my job to have conversations with these guys and extract some of their knowledge and wisdom, and impart upon you, so I hope that we're doing our job and I would ask that you do yours. You can do that. That by sharing this podcast, sharing the message listing other men in the battle to reclaim and restore masculinity to its former glory, and I really wanted to let you know that. Appreciate all the work that you do. We're going to get into Shawn's introduction, and of course the conversation here in just a minute before we do i. want to let you know about my collaboration with warrior. Society network I've got so much amazing feedback. And I'm honored that warrior poets. Society felt that we needed to be included in the project I'm honored that you guys are tuning in. If you're interested, definitely, go check it out. You can do that. Excuse me, order of man dot com slash w. p., s. n., as in warrior poets, Society Network. They've got an exclusive network and order of man is one of the shows that is.

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