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This is the news in brief from the united nations. Hundreds of thousands of people but likely need assistance in eastern democratic republic of congo or. Drc has people in goma continue to flee the threat of further eruptions by mount iago you and humanitarian said on friday. The first eruption on the twenty second of may killed over thirty people and the gohmert volcanological observatory has warned that the risk of a new explosion israel the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs or archer said it reported strong tremors on thursday one of the measuring four point nine on the richter scale along with large traffic jams. Gomer with some four hundred thousand people potentially on the move. The un children's fund unicef warned that two hundred and eighty thousand youngsters may need help. The un agency said that many of those to go in the first wave headed to nearby sake which is an area prone to cholera outbreaks and where at least nineteen suspected. Cases have been recorded in. The last. two weeks needs already high in this part of the country. North kivu where more than two million people are internally displaced and three and ten severely food insecure to ps tigray region now with as deep concern about serious ongoing abuses carried out against civilians who've been displaced by months of conflict the un sexual and reproductive health agency. Unfpa said in an alert that it was aware that gross violations were continuing including alarming levels of sexual violence in a related development. The urine refugee agency. Unhcr condemned the reported abduction of at least several hundred youths from camps for displaced people in tigray at a briefing in geneva unhcr's spokesperson baba balak cited various community sources. He said that soldiers had entered a number of sites and cheer a town on monday night and taken away young people in vehicles deeply alarmed by the report incident the situation is traumatic and distressing on the relatives of the missing but for all the displaced community residing in charade including the forcibly displaced. It is crucial that all parties to the conflict recognize the civilians and humanitarian the civilian imitate in character of displacement sites hosting these essentially displaced people fighting began in tigray on the fourth of november last year between national government forces and regional powerbrokers lol to the former national ruling party. The tigray people's liberation front some areas of the war-torn region are accessible but others remain hard to reach. According to the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs or archer which added that the grave needs are outstripping capacity nicaragua's chances of holding free and genuine elections on the seventh of november diminishing amid what the un rights office chr described as a series of troubling recent developments. These include an earlier decision this month. By the country's national assembly to pass electoral reform without due process that led to the dissolution of two political parties are each spokesperson motto. Hurtado told journalists in geneva have been taken against political candidates and independent journalists that further restrict the civic democratic space. Mr toddy said she highlighted data. Criminal investigation has been launched to investigate cristiana one of the main presidential pre candidates for alleged money laundering and that staff from a dozen independent media outlets have been summoned to testify in the case. The un rights office appeal to the nicaraguan authorities to amend the electoral law through an inclusive and participatory process and also called for an end to the harassment and judicial badgering of members of the opposition and journalists daniel johnson u. n. news..

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