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So he had a contract waiting for me when the aircraft landed back in Amarillo, and I signed contract to be a professional wrestler on the wheels of TWA for engineering. So it was kind of your your your destiny almost if you grow up with your dad is the promoter, and was did you want to do it or whatever you kind of more thinking about being a pro football player. I was thinking about pro football. But my father came me the way to become a professional wrestler my first year in the business, kind of sounds strange ironed sixteen thousand dollars doesn't sound like much at all. But that was making mantle sound celery. Wow. For the New York Yankees the same year nineteen sixty three you made sixteen thousand dollars in nineteen sixty three. Yes, that's huge. Then I mean, that's gotta be it doesn't sound. But it is. But like you said with the inflation calculator, and that's got to be five hundred thousand dollars four hundred around there. Yeah. Wow. So you're territories was the territory was that hot at the time. Not only the emerald territory. But thirty territories across the United States Canada. There were five territories in Canada. Right. You know, you earn? Exactly. Yes, stampede. Yeah. State peed. Wrestling, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii Australia through a lot of places to work in those days where you working on top in Amarillo. My father was a promoter. Typical right here. First year first year, I in the privilege of having the people the Newham that came in to work with me and Amrullah Texas Luther as that O'Connor Sonny Myers who I know. You'll know, but others may not it was real. It was a challenge. But at the same time, it was such an opportunity for John is another one, and what a group of guys to learn from out of those guys that you're talking about. I mean, those are some of the greatest of all time of a are ever. Yes. Right. Where they give you vice or were they willing to help you out a bit or where my father didn't have Karaj for cars. He had two car garages attached house, but it had a wrestling mat on the floor, and our cars, we didn't care where we park them. Wrestling practice in the garage, and he had wrestlers like Ruffy Silverstein Vern ganja, Bob geigo, those are really big names in amateur wrestling, and they came in and they trained with me they worked out with me, and I can still remember, you know. The lessons. They taught me. Bob geigo. He looked at me says I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna get your right lane. And then I'm gonna do it. Just made a move on bombed, ideally, grabbed my arm. He pulled it down at blocked with my leg. And he had my leg picked it up. And I was on the ground, but I had some great athletes. Great amateur wrestlers and great professional wrestlers to learn from especially in my first year. Do you? Remember your first match down Fargo. Yes, never forget it. Tell us about that. Were you nervous? I was a bit nervous. I had. An all American from west Texas university, Jerry, Logan. He was running back. He was my second. Dan Fargo Ed is brother for second the whole west Texas football team. Was on one side and the whole test Costa high? I'm interesting team was on the other side. And I was very very to tell the truth. Very nervous going somebody going up against somebody like down Fargo. And fortunately, I came out with win on a match, and it was just a start of career that opportunities for football. But I never looked back. I stayed with professional wrestling all the way, it didn't take long for Dory to become into be champion. And I wanna get into that story. I if you guys listening or sick and tired of paying high interest rates in credit cards, and you wanna consolidate your payments down to one payment at a lower rate than you. Gotta check out light stream..

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