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Army A one is a direct pursuit. Go right up following them The other is to Attack see if you can attack that the army you want to pursue on its flanks The third is to follow a parallel course and that was hooker strategy hooker strategy and in fact that is the preferable strategy of pursuing an army. Don't go behind it cushion. You can't do anything to that. Army behind it On a parallel course you may cause it to move more rapidly than it wants to What an army has to move faster than it wants to. It can disintegrate Particularly if it's a retreat. This is an advance still. If they're moving too fast because of fear that they're going to be met somewhere well it could fray then army so you move on a parallel course even though you're risking as as happened losing sight of exactly where your enemy is. i mean. They're in the mountains there. You've got to get to a position where you could confront him And that's the deal and you've got it's a race And you make a rice. And so that's where the prologue of your book and story of meade's command at gettysburg begins and telling you it's a very compelling story what i one of the things i love about. This book is the beautiful illustrations. You've selected including the here to four unpublished photograph. Of general george gordon meade during the pennsylvania campaign that is the illustration for the frontispiece of that is a really incredible picture. But you've got lots of amazing photography in this book beautiful illustrations By contemporary artists who were eye witnesses to the action This is a richly illustrated book the presentation of it The way it's been presented by its university of north carolina press. It's beautiful donna. Shing lee beautiful It's it's i really can't wait to see it in print for those who are interested you can you can it. It comes out on the seventh of june and amazon. Already you can pre-order it on amazon you can also pre-order it through the university of north carolina press on its website but Amazon of course is the easiest one for everybody to get to. And it's again named need at gettysburg a study and command and it picks up where we left off lucky to seeing it. And we'll talk some more about this book and some forthcoming podcasts. As well certainly will. Well thank you for talking with us today. Ken and as i said it's good to be back with dynamic studios and mr neil kesterson are sound simon. Thank you so much you're welcome. We'll see you soon. Become an american hero. Who participates in our mission by joining us at witnessing history dot org download our documentaries and free teacher education materials that conform to grade level education standards at pbs morning dot org follow witnessing history on facebook twitter and linked in..

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