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Well considering this entry comes two days after the walls or sealed probably to escape. Let's skip ahead eight months now at the summer of Nineteen Forty One July twenty first writes in the community I received a letter from the commissar are on the FOOF Gotcha gone. Watch bureau the Control Office for combating the black market and profiteering. The Jewish district of Warsaw is hereby dissolved. Okay so now. The Nazis have given up trying to control black market goods by being snuck into get a why because they're super cool. Nice Guys No. I bet it was because they realized it was easier to do it. This sway by digging spend even less manpower less money on keeping anyone in the get alive in case if you're wants to keep them alive for some reason later like for slave labor or if you know Hitler some Piece of shit wants them for medical experimentation a December thirteenth nineteen forty one Initially Okay Oh yeah. Initially Adam himself did not live in the ghetto due you'd working with DSS so this ends. In December of nineteen forty one and on the thirteenth he writes about his relocation. I moved to an apartment on twenty eight January nineteenth eighteen th nineteen forty two. He writes. I've heard the hours walled or I've heard that our swelled has been summoned to Berlin. I cannot shake off the fearful suspicion that the Jews of Warsaw may be threatened by mass. Ask Resettlement. And why would he be worried about resettlement. I'm guessing you know Adam He knew that this meant death. February nineteenth nineteen forty two rights. I I went to see our salt. He inspector hours vault. He inspected the prison yesterday. As a result fifty people were directed to a camp probably Treblinka so this Archibald Adam is referring to his hind are sold a German lawyer S S member put in charge of the Warsaw ghetto on April of forty one. He would oversee the transportation of the residents to the blink. A death camp. He'd be investigated after the war crimes but not until nineteen seventy sadly and then he died at the age of sixty two and avoid any charges. April April I nine hundred forty two. He writes news from Lublin. Ninety percent of the Jews are to leave Lublin within the next few days the sixteen council members together with the chairman. Becker were reportedly arrested relatives of the other counters. Aside from their wives and children must also leave Lublin in the morning hours about a thousand expellees from Hanover and and guilt Cureton were sent over. They were putting the quarantine at one. Oh nine Leszno street okay. Lulu was another Polish ghetto. Out of knows they're being sent to the death Camp Hanover. Hanover held a small Jewish community. As did who've Yeltsin Kurkin and they were all being sent to concentration camps four days later on April nights he wrote in the morning at the community hours. Walled ordered one hundred sixty a young German Jews from quarantine to be taken to Treblinka. Okay so now. The stick in the Warsaw ghetto or no longer being treated needed. They're just being taken straight to the death camp out of has been working with S. S. for over two years. Now he has to know what the overall deal is. He has to know. Eventually they're gonNA come for them all his plan now inspect expect speculating And just just based on other things I've read is it just. The allies will liberate them before. They're all killed just hoping that somehow this will all change April eleventh nineteen forty two later to Oswald about the orchestra. The commissars sent me a letter yesterday suspending performances of the orchestra for two months for having having played the works of Aryan composers. How fucking heartless is this may be so mad when I read it the first time? The fancy conference has been held back in January. That's where the final solution was decided at this point the Nazis have known for months. They're gonNA kill all these people or they're gonNA kill him anyway. Men Women children all of them. But they're still not GonNa let them listen to fucking can music inside the ghetto. That's evil shit the fucking monsters at this point right. They've they've done more than just humanize him. This is a decent person. Wouldn't due to who an animal it's not gonna put them dog down and then you don't even let the dog have a fucking chew toy for the final hours of its life. Maybe some of these Nazis were just following orders and didn't want on any of this to happen but some of them did want this to happen or it wouldn't have happened April twenty second nineteen forty two. They brought to the Jewish prison ten Gypsies men and women with their king quick. A good to note here wasn't just the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Romantic people also said to the Warsaw ghetto also. Roughly five thousand Christians would end up in the Warsaw Ghetto Christians the Nazis defined as being Jewish. In heritage April twenty-seventh. Nine hundred forty two a transport thousand people arrived from Muhima today. They were unloaded at six. AM later. They were assembled in the great synagogue. I addressed the gathering all right so other. Jewish people still being rounded up sent to Warsaw two-way being taken to concentration training camps. Serb linka may third nineteen forty two in the morning at the community at ten. The film crew from the Propaganda Office arrives it proceeds to take pictures of my office. Man The propaganda office. How fucked up that? They're coming to do some filming. Take some pictures right. Film emaciated and filthy Jewish Ghetto residents Y to show the German people. How Nasty Nasty are the Nazis made them nasty? Didn't give them proper food for them to live in unsanitary conditions and other film in them to prove how superior the healthy well-fed areas are compared to the week juice evil. The city is so evil right. CENTURIES OF RACISM and propaganda in Europe allowed them to dehumanize the Jewish people maybe. Maybe we shouldn't stereotype. Any ethnic group ever can lead you some really really bad yet may fifth nineteen forty two. He writes the film. Crew is still much in evidence since they're filming extreme poverty. The positive achievements are of no interest to them. Yup May Fifteenth Nineteen Forty. Two at eight thirty. I am waiting in home for the film crew. The movie men arrive at eight forty five. Were shooting until twelve thirty. The city is full of rumors about deportations. Tens of thousands of being mentioned purposeful for work under such conditions is worthy of admiration. And yet we are doing it every day. Tears will not help us. I must repeat Dickens words once more. You cannot wind your watch with is your tears. God dammit man they sure know now they know the end is near what can they do. They're vastly outmanned outgunned. They're hungry and tired and scared bay. twenty-fifth nineteen forty forty two in the morning.

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