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Not too worried about it let's wait though there is a bill there are republicans in congress who might actually make the argument that none of this would accomplish anything in it's stupid and will oppose perhaps if they have to the white house and the president on on the latest efforts at and honestly here the language of the weekend they just want something done it doesn't have to be something effective it doesn't have to be something that will save lives it doesn't have to be anything like like that but something they just want something anything and that's pretty ridiculous isn't it and then their share of israel kabul before i get to share of israel whose quieter quite a guy this guy he's going to be running for office as a democrat before this is all over he's one of the breakout stars of the florida school shooting and i kid you not there is now use that uh phrasing i was talking to somebody yesterday and we were talking about the florida shoot it and the person i was speaking too said in reference to one of the students seventeen year old david hoggar who has been on television more than wolf blitzer i think since the shooting and the person i was talking to referred to david hogg not sir denis eaten hard from spinal tap but david hogg from the high school in florida and parkland florida as one of the breakout stars and i i kid you not the references david hug you know the high school guy that one of the you know he's the sort of the breakout star from the high school massacre and i i had an almost out of body experience for about three eight so the second while one of the breakout stars from the shooting and the sheriff i think has seen this as an opportunity in some ways sued to gain a national platform and get on tv and he kept it a secret even though he knew going into the cnn town hall meeting that his deputy and possibly more of his deputies waited outside while.

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