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Only been a pilot because he says. Why are you coming around again? Did you hear that the shows probably going to get picked up? And you go to hung up on the pile of thing, it's not. Picked up yet. That's what's crazy. They didn't have a series order. It's not even that it's. It's beyond. That feels like at this point. The movie has spanned six months of time. And you're telling me either. They've been shooting pilot for six months, or this movie has taken place over like fifteen days, which is insane I'm GonNa ask you a hypothetical question. Both of you Griffin and David. Do you think this movie would work hypothetically if it starts with? Here's a young actress who's been an unknown who somehow magically got cast in this in this Sitcom washed up actor. They sort of have chemistry with and the first moment of this movie is they have chemistry. They get cast. They get a bit laugh. They're actors in this movie. And then she tells him she's actually a witch. We're. This move work. Here's what fascinated me. It would work better. Yeah, absolutely, it would work better. I will also say. I re watched the trailer because I was trying to remember which the big. We're the big. Will, Ferrell joke lines they. Front in the trailer. The trailers for the movie were all structured that way. It was you know. Here's the perspective of Will Ferrell. He needs the show to be a hit. They find this unknown actress, and then only after she's cast. Does anyone find out that she's a witch? The trailer it structure that you wouldn't find. It makes you seem like the movie wouldn't tell you that until after which would work better because that's how it a Sitcom is structured where they meet. They fall in love the mean she doesn't do any which things to make them fall in love. It would be almost funny if they imply like. Wow, this beautiful unknown known actress. It's so hard to make it in Hollywood. She did she have A. Help, but then they have this massive party that I guess. Is the rap hardy for the pilots? No, it's. It's something even worse. He just throws. A party is because he fires someone. Something went well a Tae. It's not a wrap party. Onset something happened and he goes. Let's have a party. To celebrate his. His wife signs the divorce papers and he's like. Let's have a party. It looks like a party that took months to plan. And, here's where she's like I. Need to Tell You I'm a witch. Doing anything she can any trick she can to show him. He keeps on taking them as an amateur magician. Meanwhile, Kate Walsh's at this party. Yes, we also have the be plot at this point, which is Michael Cain. WHO's mostly been existing in the film to tell her to stop using magic now is in love with Shirley maclaine actress, who the comedic premise that seems to be set up, is she? Thinks that her and Nicole Kidman are similar in terms of being weird that it's weird actor diva ticks which Nicole Kidman interprets as a euro which is well Michael Cain is attracted to her wants us his badger to fall in love with her, and now an hour and ten minutes, and we're finding out. No Shirley maclaine is also a witch, and now is using Magic to stop Michael Cain from fucking other women. Dame talked about where Bull Farrell screams. He's screamed. He screamed loud and it big scream and trailer put put in trailer, and he says he's a clipper fan, and she flies away and he waves a stick at her. Waves a branch at her ways that And so she's gone, and I guess that's when they're like. Let's recast her and he disappears to Mexico, but we don't see right. He's. He's brought back in by the police, which is wild because the premise of the original Sitcom is, let's see two people deal with the fact that two people in love just found out that one of them is a witch, and this movie decides to just hand wave. They're. They're like we're not GonNa have fun with that at all, right. The witching tests be pre existing strength of the relationship, and this is the second. He finds out. She's a witch. It's like let's separate them. Let's make sure they're not onscreen again together until the very end and not even know him dealing with it. Just have him be brought back by the police because he went on an existential bender. then. She's not in the movie where all Farrell. He imagined so himself being interviewed by Coenen. And he is visited by Steve Carell because. As uncle, Arthur right. He's playing a magical manifestation of the actual character actor playing uncle Arthur Uncle Arthur. who was his favorite character on bewitched? Imagining that Uncle Arthur is there and then I. So Isabelle's. In this narrative, I can't forgive Tono. Out. Because at first, it's okay the scene is. Corral who's right on the threshold about to pop gets the and in this movie. It's an Steve. Carell in the credits he gets the end, and of course yes, he'd been anchorman the year before so like it's sort of like putting feral in fucking wedding crashers, right? It's like. Later this year, right? But. Yes, it's like okay, so Clara is her aunt so as Uncle Arthur her. Booking. Based off of her family because she said she never watched it, 'cause it was like it was like blasphemy to her. Real which but maybe it was because her parents didn't want her to know that super life rights when she was. Yeah. that it brings back Tim. Show. Her Very Darren because that's not real. I'm GONNA throw something. There's not real Darren. Set this for how many serious SCI FI movies we've covered on the show. This is the most perplexing internal logic of film we have ever had to discuss. We haven't even gotten into the fact. That Stephen Colbert and David. Alan, grier, are both in this movie and. It's like a law was passed that they're not allowed to be funny. It's like you can only deliver x positional. Dialogue Bats it. This movie has three different daily host correspondent. Corral, WHO's. In a big to seen sort of like cameo performance, one of them's called bear who's in so much of the movie, but with almost nothing to do playing entirely straight and one of them is Mauve. Raka who had just feels like is any day player on TV as an entertainment tonight correspondent. I, swear David Grew Hosta nightly show at some point to dame chocolate news. Yeah, there, you go right exactly. Did, you know that this episode this very episode that we're recording right now. Is brought to us by movie movie. They're back our old friends. been a while. They're still here. Supporting our podcast..

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