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For the San Antonio Spurs hard to pass up a once in a generation 19 year old basketball player with the first pick in the 2023 NBA draft the San Antonio Spurs select victor wimba nyama NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement on como TV for when B stands 7 foot 5 inches tall but he can play point guard the shard on hornets took Alabama forward Brandon Miller number two and a third Portland Trailblazer selected D league guard scoot Henderson the NBA will have a game basketball at Seattle Center October 10th no the Sonics are not coming back but the rain city showcased is between the LA Clippers and Utah Jazz in 2001 Seattle hosted the major league all -star baseball game and the record -setting Mariners had eight players on the American League roster four of them started Well in next months Midsummer Classic at T -Mobile Park there are no Mariners starters in the first phase of fan voting LA Angels two -way player Shohei Ohtani receives the most ballots. Sports with Swartz at 10 and 40 the after hour Northwest News Radio and a quick check on the Mariners score tonight you won't believe it ten to nothing Mariners over the Yankees bottom of the sixth hopefully they can keep it up to the end Northwest News time 6 -12 a amount massive of stolen items found by police inside a federal way home roughly one and a half million dollars worth written police say the man suspected to be behind the theft ring allegedly had people steal the items Then he would sell eBay. them on As Kobo Force Hannah Knowles reports it took several truckloads to take the stolen goods out of the Over -the -counter medication nicotine gum ink cartridges and more I've been doing this for 31 years I have never seen that amount of product he had turned his house into largely what amount to a warehouse all found in the basement of a home in Federal Way after detectives recently obtained a search warrant. He was making multiple runs to the post office every week there with huge bags of these bubble -wrapped items there to be sent all out over the US. Detectives say the merchandise was most likely taken from big retail stores like Target, CVS, Walmart and Home Depot. A feeling small business owner Lee Smith says he knows all too well. People are getting much more aggressive lately and for a small business that's really hard. Smith owns Urbanity clothing store and says his business has been hit several times. We don't know what this person has on them. We don't know what they're capable of. Latest state numbers account shoplifting has cost retailers 2 .7 billion dollars throughout the state of Washington. It's not just the people pocketing pack a of gum or something and walking out and it's not just for subsistence. You're looking at people who are stealing items worth thousands and thousands of dollars. A month after rates of a ferry ride increased for peak season comes news prices will be going up again in October. The state's Transportation Commission voted in favor of raising fares for both passengers and vehicles later this year by nearly twice the increase they typically do 4 .25 percent and next year another 4 .25 percent. A public comment period on the increases will be open through the end of July. The Kitsap Sun reports they typically increase rates by about two and a half percent. members Commission saying it's not a job they relish raising fares when the ferry system has been anything but reliable since the pandemic and they are expecting to hear some pushback from riders. One commission member saying it's in all our interest the ferry system meet the legislative negotiated budget and receive the resources they to need keep climbing out of this hole. Carlene Johnson, Northwest News Radio. Northwest News Time 6 14. Time to get a check on your drive from the High Performance Homes Traffic Center. Kimmy Klein, how's it looking? Well, we just cleared that crash in Tacoma. That's good news. South and I five at Portland Avenue because at one point it was blocking lanes. all

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